Did you ever pass across a street full of musicians spreading their sweet melody into the thin air? Or when you cross the pedestrian and give a brief stare to one of those handful paintings made by the homeless man? We all do. Because they’re noteworthy to look at. Irrespective of them living on the street, out in the cold open, it is absolutely exquisite what they can do with their talents.

Creativity knows no bound. We often tend to realize that while some of these people are able to get as far as to Britain’s Got Talent, some people simply can’t afford to follow their dreams. A large proportion of these people belong to Africa and their incapability to follow their dreams and aspirations is what inspired ForeMedia Group to launch ForeMedia Advertising.

ForeMedia deals with the natural extension of talent from Africa and Beyond, working tirelessly for giving the creative talents of the Black Communities, their due share of recognition they deserve. At ForeMedia Advertising, the creative content sustaining in the young minds of these people is extracted and executed on an international platform to encourage and motivate them and the generations to come.

Providing direction, mentoring, and distribution of creative talent, the organization strives to create a digital entertainment ecosystem that would not only inspire the people from Africa but the people from all across the globe who dare to dream. They support businesses of all types and create a global audience for them. They are committed to provide and advise on intellectual business solutions

With more than 50 million monthly users across the globe, ForeMedia Advertising targets specific audiences across multiple devices by turning your data into high-performing marketing solutions through advertising insights, data visibility, and specialized marketing services. The company supports businesses with solutions that go beyond advertising.

ForeMedia Advertising has an influence on approximately 11.8% of the global Africans today and is consistently shattering the misconceptions and beliefs the world has on the Africans. “You run your business and we’ll focus on the customer” is the approach that ForeMedia takes when dealing with businesses. It is only a matter of time when the organization will take over the world in digital marketing.