fallen leaves candles

Are you a candle lover? Is your loved one a candle lover? If so, then you can attest to the power of fragrance. It can take you back to specific memories and fill your space with calming scents. It makes candles very unique and the best gift ideas for holidays. Whether you are shopping from a small scale business or for a Christmas tree that’s ready, this post has got you covered. From fallen leaves candles, limited edition holiday candles to multipurpose burning papers, here are joyful decor picks that are assured to delight everyone on your list. 

  • Fallen Leaves Candles

Fallen leaves fragrance allows you to wrap yourself in a fresh autumn air smell. Fallen leaves candle is infused with citrus, chrysanthemum and cinnamon. At the fragrance’s core, the sweetness of berries and apples combines with green leaves. Cedar and pecan base help enhance natural scent quality while balancing fruit and spice notes.

  • L’or de Seraphine Monroe Candle

L’or de Seraphine Monroe Candle is a comforting scent that features vanilla, amber, and sandalwood notes. It’s a unique and ideal gift for your loved one who wants a cozy up during the holiday season.

  • Coconut Rum Scented Candle

It’s a tropical infusion mixture of creamy coconut milk and fresh mango with a hint of peach. Its scent is infused with sugar, coconut milk, peach, mango, pineapple and orange. 

  • Island Citrus and Agave Scented  Candle

Island citrus and Agave scented candle is a sweet citrus blend. It features agave nectar that enhances the natural sweetness of tangerine, grapefruit and mandarin, with a hint of peach and lime. Its scent is infused with orange, tangerine, mandarin, sugar, citrus, lemon peel, peach, orange peel, Agave and grapefruit. It’s an idea for medium-sized rooms or one bedroom.

  • Diptyque Limited Edition Holiday Scented Candles

It’s an ideal candle gift for a friend who loves luxury scents. Diptyque Limited Edition Holiday Scented Candles feature winter scents in a jar sprinkled with real gold.

  • Black Coffee Scented Candle

It’s a unique candle gift that brings warmth if freshly brewed coffee is in your room. It features ground coffee beans that start its scent off strong, and a touch of cream and sugar add a perfect amount of sweetness.

  • Brown Butter Pumpkin Cake Candle

It’s a unique candle gift that fills your room with a deliciously spiced scent. An ideal candle gift idea for lovers of a pumpkin fragrance, and a brown butter pumpkin cake scented candle should be a unique and beautiful addition to your collection. It’s still beautiful as a holiday and gourmand scent, and it’s infused with natural essential oils, including nutmeg, lemon, cloves, and cedarwood. It’s also ideal for a medium-sized room or bedroom. 


While candles tend to be among the items that make do not gift list in a year, there are still chances of having a candle lover friend. Therefore this post has made it pretty easy to find candle ideas that can make a fantastic gift. The above killer candle gifts are unique and beautiful enough to build your reputation as a skilled gift giver.