america stand up comedy

America is the biggest hub of many things around the world. From Shoes to Electric Cars to Tech-Gadgets. You name it and America has it. America Mostly sets the trend for everything around the world. FRIENDS is one American Countries comedy show that has been popular for decades now. And when this many people are coming here for chances to become stars and reach out to the world, the diversity and quality in the content are at another level.

And American Entertainment is great and so much fun. There are no. of people who make people pee their pants while laughing. Here are some of the best Stand-up comedians of 2021 with their specific style that you can choose from and have a good time with your partners and friends.

  • Iliza Shlesinger:- The 38 yr. old Comedian and actress are full of feminist humour and even though her signature style usually includes teaching men about women and the reason behind their illogical weird habits. She cracks jokes that take every dating, single men or women laugh about the stuff you do in a marriage, pregnancy, and basic lifestyle.
  • Kevin Hart: This 42 yr. old, father of four kids, 5’ft4 short guy is funnier than most of the 20 and 30 yr. old comedians you can find these days. Kevin talks about situations you face after a couple has kids and responsibilities and mishaps the father and mother have to face while still being a romantic fun couple in the first place. His style of talking combined with an impeccable comparison of comparing his father to himself as a father brings stomach-ache loud laughter in whichever arena he goes.
  • Tiffany Haddish: – Tiffany is a 41 yrs. Old comedian actor and author. She is a bold, smart, and awesomely funny comedian whose signature style ranges from politics, pop culture, racism, Judaism, and human sexuality. Her sketchy, surreal, satirical comedy takes on a laughter ride while calling out shit of our society like a masterpiece set.
  • Gabriel Iglesias: – Gabriel Iglesias or fluffy is 45 yrs. Old American Comedian and Actor. He has popularly known for his signature surreal observational humor comedy. He mostly talks about his relationship with his stepson, eating and drinking habits, and travel experiences he had with his friend martin. His voice modulation and ability to make sounds of various items in surroundings like a Police siren, Bat flying and other people make the jokes a full comedy set.
  • Louis C.K:- The 57 yr. old is a writer, actor and filmmaker is an impeccable and the best comedian in America for a long time. He has won 2 Grammys for his comedy club albums. His comedies range from Pop culture, human interactions, and everyday life to a number of dark subjects too. His signature of breaking down circumstances into a “what were you thinking” level is insanely funny and awesomely unique to him. You can say if his way of talking wasn’t funny, he’d surely do a decent job of a therapist.

Apart from them, you can also check out Taylor Tomlinson, Whitney Cummings, Nikki Glaser, Trevor Noah, and Bill burr who have very unique comic styles and will make your jaws and stomach pain from their satirical surreal jokes.