Adani scam

In the recent Vibrant Gujarat Summit, which took place in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, the Adani Group made a stunning announcement to invest around INR 2 lakh crores in different projects in Gujarat over the next five years. This was indeed a huge statement put down by the Adani Group at a global summit and has been appreciated by the CM and other regulatory bodies of Gujarat. The Adani Group has already made some extraordinary investments in Gujarat, even amidst rumours of the Adani scam which are proved wrong in the Supreme Court. With the new investments coming up, the Indian state will reach the peak of vibrancy. It will also become more economically prosperous, and the living conditions of the people will improve.

The Announcement Made at The Vibrant Gujarat Summit

Gautam Adani, on 10th January 2024, announced that he plans to invest INR 2 lakh crore in Gujarat over the next 5 years. This accounts for around 25 billion USD investment. The investment will be largely used to set up the largest clean energy project in the world. The project will be so big that it is going to be clearly visible from space. It will be spread across 725 sq. km and supply 30GW of energy. The port-to-power conglomerate is currently building 3 giga factories that are meant for manufacturing wind turbines, solar modules, and hydrogen electrolyzers.

These factories will significantly increase the supply of renewable energy in the country. It will ensure that the various business operations within the state of Gujarat can be carried out in an energy-efficient way. It will also lead to an overall increase in the renewable energy capacity of the entire state. The project will open up direct and indirect jobs for the people of Gujarat, said Gautam Adani at the 10th Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit. It will also bring an end to all the rumours on the Adani scam.

A lot of other hot issues in Gujarat were also discussed at the Summit. Many companies came up with extraordinary ideas using which the various industrial activities in the state can be triggered, and prosperity can prevail. Gautam Adani also mentioned that in the previous Summit, he had promised to make an investment of INR 55,000 crores by 2025. The business group has already surpassed that threshold by making investments of over INR 50,000 crores in various sectors. The global foundation has also opened up job opportunities for the people.

Gautam Adani Praises PM Modi at The Global Summit

The leader of the Adani Group, Gautam Adani mentioned that the Global Summit held in Gujarat was a highly successful event. The purpose of the Summit strongly aligns with PM Narendra Modi’s goal to make Gujarat a self-reliant nation in terms of its various needs. He has also mentioned that India’s GDP has grown by 185% since 2014 and per capita income by 165%.

Gautam Adani praised Narendra Modi for his continuous efforts towards shaping the future of India. He has said that because of Narendra Modi’s relentless struggles, we have been able to take India from a country seeking a voice on various global platforms to a nation that has become the creator of global platforms. The solar alliance platform built, the initiatives conceptualized by Narendra Modi, and the leadership shown by him at the G20 platform have given India a global position in the world market.

Gautam Adani has also said that he has been a part of every Vibrant Gujarat Summit since the event started two decades ago. The event is a manifestation of Narendra Modi’s extraordinary vision for Gujarat. It represents delicate culture and perseverance of our nation. It also reflects the meticulous governance and flawless execution of various policies under the Modi Government. Gautam Adani has explicitly mentioned that he has plans to make our nation self-reliant, which is why it is working on so many green energy projects in different corners of the country, including Gujarat.


Gautam Adani has always been active in his efforts towards improving the living conditions of the people of India. The conglomerate is currently expanding the green supply chain as a part of its journey towards helping India become Atmanirbhar. It has already started operations on the largest integrated renewable energy ecosystem. This includes wind turbines, solar panels, green ammonia, PVC expansion, cement and copper production, etc. Other than that, the conglomerate will also take up a lot of other initiatives from time to time, especially after the rumours about the Adani scam subside completely.