Charlii: A Specially Designed App By Writers For Writers

An Effective Time Management System Tool To Chronologically Plot Your Work

Managing time and implementing it efficiently into some pre-planned tasks is quite a difficult and time-consuming task to perform. Most of the time, it’s unmanageable and affects your work whether you have the idea and a mind-plot for your work. Having the right and valuable time management system tool is advantageous to assist you in your projects most efficiently and possibly. In the case of writing, it’s not unusual for writers to get lost in their contrasting ideas simultaneously and be unable to precisely implement the thoughts and build characters according to the plot theme.

To overcome the time management deficiency of writers, CHARLII has come up with its compassionate and talented team of writers and software developers and provides them with felicitous and required assistance to ease their planning and writing processes to go beyond the limits in their respective fields. We are very much aware of the difficulties that transpire with writing work linked to creating plots, planning phases, execution, timely review, character reliabilities, story arcs, necessary reminders, hitting deadlines, and so many other things. At CHARLII, we understand the complexity of the authors’ writing and make their bewildering journey tranquil and more enjoyable.

Benefits Of Having Charlii On Your Side

The preparation and efficient execution phases are the two most important aspects of writing, and they have become much more essential in the age of digitalization. The standard writing process begins with arranging thoughts, then writing them down with all the creativity and delight accumulated in the head, and then proofreading and amending. Every writer or author in the digital era needs appropriate help and time management system tool to efficiently follow the easy-looking but difficult procedure.

CHARLII has created handy tools just for authors to make it simple and easy to plan, design, and write their books, journals, or research in any niche. Charlii can help you with anything from creating schedules and fulfilling deadlines to dealing with the finer points of narrative themes and story arcs.

  • The Key Benefits Of Charlii
  • Brainstorming: The tool can be used to generate and capture unique story ideas for both present and future usage. It saves your ideas as text or audio. It is your only safe storage for data.
  • Calendar of Objectives: A calendar of objectives can help you keep on track and meet deadlines. It will help you keep on track with your goals and ensure that your assignment is completed on time.
  • Plot Planning Tool: Use this “at-a-glance” framework to examine the many components of your plot. Make sure there are no gaps in your characters’ pathways or the order of events by rapidly detecting where timelines intersect.
  • Outlining Tool: Use the outlining tool to create your tale. Before you begin writing, make sure your story has a clear narrative flow and that you have planned all the important aspects. It can help you structure your thoughts while also guaranteeing optimum pace and character development.
  • Timeline Tool: The timeline tool can help you visualize your story. Plot components, occurrences, and other aspects of the tale are visually shown to illustrate relationships, patterns, and the primary plot line.

Charlii: A Specially Designed App By Writers For Writers

To assist authors in staying on top of their assignments, we’ve created a multi-functional program intended to make the process easier, more manageable, and more productive. Given the technology of the digital era, there must be better ways to represent story structure than pinning cards to a board—better ways to organize ideas than leaving scraps of paper and notebooks littering around your flat. Charlii handles these and other challenges as a digital project manager and writing assistant. Charlie’s time management system tool, which allows you to study chronology, plot elements, and story arcs in an informative and intuitive manner, offers unprecedented clarity and speed to the story-building process.

Join CHARLII today to test the frontiers of writing and set your bounds.