graphene powder
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Graphene powder or graphene material is composed of pure carbon. It’s striking physical, mechanical, and electronic properties make it an excellent material. It facilitates the evolution of next-generation technologies with its unique combination of exceptional properties.

The virtually unlimited properties of graphene provide a fascinating material platform to ultrasensitive sensors, wearable electronics, medicine & biotechnology, superfast electronics, and energy storage.

What Makes Graphene Powder Unique?

The properties of the graphene material used to prepare graphene powder are:

  • High Transparency: Graphene is a two-dimensional material that shows remarkable transparency. Approximately 97.7% of light can penetrate through graphene material.
  • Strongest Material: Monolayer graphene powder is the strongest material ever tested in the world. It is defect-free with a high strength value of 42 N/m.
  • Highly Impermeable: Graphene does not allow the passing of even the smallest impurities or atoms through its membrane or sheets.
  • High Thermal Conductivity: At room temperature, graphene can conduct a large amount of heat. Its thermal conductivity is 1500-2500 W/mK.
  • High Stretchability and Surface Area: Graphene is stretchable up to 25%, which helps in making flexible electronics. It has a high surface area of about 2630 m2 /g. An entire soccer field can be covered with less than 3 grams of graphene material.
  • Resistant To Electricity: Graphene does not conduct electricity at room temperature, which makes it a safe material to use.

Can Graphene Powder Be Used In Energy Harvesting & Storage?

Graphene powder is used in four major energy-related commodities. These include graphene batteries, supercapacitors, solar cells, and catalysis for fuel cells. The major benefits of using graphene material in energy-related equipment are:

  • It improves storage capacity and charging rate.
  • It helps in manufacturing lightweight and flexible material.
  • It helps in making superior supercapacitors for higher energy storage.
  • It increases the battery lifespan.

Can Graphene Material Be Used In Electronic Devices?

The high stretchability, flexibility, and surface area of graphene enable to manufacture high-quality electronic devices. The benefits of using graphene powder in electronic devices are:

  • Flexible, foldable, and stretchable devices can be made.
  • High-frequency electronic devices can be made.
  • It increases the performance of transistors.
  • It helps to deal with thermal issues in nanoelectronic devices.

Can Graphene Powder Be Used In Sensor Devices?

Graphene material is an ideal material to use in biological, chemical, and gaseous sensors. The benefits of using this material in sensors are:

  • It helps in detecting explosives.
  • Its biosensor can detect Parkinson’s disease and bacteria.
  • It helps in environmental monitoring.
  • It enables selective gas sensing.

Can Graphene Material Be Used In Biomedical Technologies?

High surface area and electron mobility of graphene material is paving the way for ground-breaking biomedical technologies. The benefits include:

  • It targets and neutralizes cancer stem cells.
  • It is used in bioelectronics devices.
  • It helps in thermal ablation of highly resistant cancer cells.
  • It helps in enabling electronic interface to nerve tissue.

Can Graphene Material Be Used In Composites and Coatings?

The intrinsic mechanical properties of graphene are used to make composite screens and coating objects. Graphene serves various purposes such as:

  • It helps in making lightweight composite body structures.
  • It protects against corrosion.
  • It facilitates in making transparent and conductive thin films.
  • It enables in increasing performance of EMI shielding.

The Bottom Line

Black colored graphene powder is generally fluffy and odorless. The oxygen content is low and is composed of thin graphene sheets. Its high surface is utilized in energy storage, which can increase the energy stored per volume. Today, the estimated market value for graphene is 100 million Euros. Companies are producing high-quality graphene powder in large quantities for super-batteries, conductive inks, and supercapacitors.