Harish Jagtani

Harish Jagtani, who was born in a country other than the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is widely regarded as being among the most successful and well-respected businesspeople who were born in a country other than DR Congo. His accomplishments in the business world have earned him widespread acclaim. When Harish first started working, he got his foot in the door of the business world by landing a job with one of the trade businesses in the country. This was his first job. Anyone who knows him well can attest that he possesses qualities such as unwavering devotion and relentless tenacity, all of which were essential in paving the way for him to succeed. Harish has spent the last quarter of a century accumulating experience and furthering his education to bring his professional standing up to the level it is at now. Harish was the only person who took the risk of reaching out to the war-torn areas of Congo and providing the essentials, such as salt, to places where people were hungry due to the lack of resources and the atrocities committed by the troops. Harish Jagtani was the only guy who did this. Only Harish carried out these actions; no one else did. Harish started Services Air as a regional air cargo business when he was first established.

Over many years, Services Air Cargo, now known as Serve Air Cargo, has established itself as one of the most reputable and reliable providers of air cargo services in Congo. Serve Air Cargo is now the company’s official name. During natural disasters and times of great need, they have delivered military and paramilitary forces and resources to regions that were almost unreachable by any other means. Helicopters were used to accomplish this. This approach was taken when there was significant demand. What was formerly known as Services Air Cargo is currently being done business under the name Serve Air Cargo.

One of his other businesses is called Modern Constructions, a real estate and infrastructure company now working in Congo to construct infrastructure on a level comparable to that of the developed world. In addition to the commercial and public-private partnership projects that it conducts, the corporation is also involved in several projects that the government controls. These projects include the construction of roads, bridges, and highways.

The construction of HJ Hospitals, a multi-super speciality hospital with specialised staff recruited from India, Tunisia, Morocco, and other nations, is one of the most recent economic endeavours that he has undertaken. These people now support the local population, which previously had access to adequate medical facilities but directly benefited from their efforts. The hospital’s diagnostic centre, radiology department, and wellness department have all recently been brought up to the latest technical requirements as part of a recent upgrade. These departments can meet all patients’ criteria, including some previously unmet needs. Additionally, the medical centre employs technicians, nurses, and surgeons who are experts in their respective professions and work in extremely specialised capacities.

In addition, the non-governmental organisation known as HJ Foundations was established in 2016 and began operations that same year. Members in the community who are struggling financially are the target audience for the services and resources this non-profit organisation offers in the field of medicine. The work that HJ Foundations has done in social service and healthcare is exceedingly commendable and deserves to be recognised. The foundation is responsible for the construction of orphanages, the performance of radiology interventions on more than one hundred children and infants who suffer from hydrocephalus, the version of more than two hundred dialysis cases, and the funding of several critically important surgical procedures for multiple issues. In addition, the foundation is responsible for funding several critically important surgical procedures for various cases. In addition, the foundation is accountable for the payment of several significant surgical procedures for several patients.

Harish Jagtani has spent his entire life in Kinshasa, the capital city of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. During that time, he has significantly contributed to improving the lives of thousands, if not even more, of people living in the city. Jagtani has been a resident of Kinshasa for the entirety of his life. This results from his unwavering commitment to bettering the lives of people other than himself, which he values more than his happiness. It is also a result of his gratitude toward the country that has helped him grow into the person he is today.