Deepak Kharbanda

The sales world is overflowing with myths about selling. Some myths have become so unbelievable that they have been associated with common sense in some businesses. As a result of these myths coming up into the companies’ core values, a graph of decline can be seen in the morale and revenue of the sales – hence calling them harmful myths describe Deepak Kharbanda.

We will be talking about three myths of selling that are wreaking havoc in the sales world.

Myth # 1 – Manufacturing the Best Quality Product 

Many companies are of the opinion that the best features will always be sold – whatever the situation is. The innovative initiative is taken as the whole team of top-notch engineers has been put to engineer the product. High Monetary stakes are set on a single product, and it is thought to be the best product that will sell immediately. This is perhaps one of the greatest possible myths of selling.

Myth Buster:

Unfortunately, having the best quality sales product is not just enough to sell sales products, says Deepak Kharbanda. It is observed, that the consumers of the products are not very interested in knowing the features as much as the manufacturing team does. In many cases, consumers choose the brand their colleagues and friends suggest or buy something from the first google search. A few things are required to sell a product, and the best features don’t always cover it up.

Myth # 2 – Best Salesperson Credit Goes to Extroverts

Another myth of selling goes around extroverts. It seems right when you don’t think over it. Extroverts generally like to interact; they are more open to talking about anything and are sociable. This is a common myth that has not developed any interest by many introverts and even ambiverts out of sales, says Deepak Kharbanda. Even some outstanding salespeople, might I say.

Myth buster:

Introverts and ambiverts can become excellent salespeople too. The most renowned qualities in a salesperson are:

Modesty and Humility

It’s not always about being a great talker. Introverts are seen to be great listeners; this can also help customers feel heard and appreciated.

Myth # 3 – Support the Customer’s Opinion

This is one myth that people really do believe very well. Since your customer is purchasing something from you, they should be considered correct under all circumstances. The customers can be unreasonable at times; they are also fallible. Sometimes customers have an unclear idea about their requirements. This is the responsibility of the salesperson to guide them properly.

Myth buster

It is very essential to guide the customer when they take the wrong step and instruct them to take the right one. Make them aware of the features and try to talk to them when they are being unreasonable. The knack of explaining your point reasonably is an art that a good salesperson should have, says Deepak Kharbanda

Wrapping Up 

The myths that go on for generations are often considered “common sense.” They are adapted to our lifestyle without analyzing whether they are right or not. It is essential to evaluate your decisions to keep questioning the myths regularly.