Naplan Preparation Year 9

Naplan is not a test that children can prepare for similar to an end-term test since it’s used to test their skills developing and improving over time. It generally tests millions of students each year such that at the mention of the test, tension and stress may fill students as parents are left confused. The overall students’ performance is not tested based on capabilities and understanding power but rather the ability to conduct the test using strategic conditions and exam techniques. 

Whenever the clock ticks, it’s time to start preparing while keeping in mind the aspects of NAPLAN preparation year 9. The slow economy makes it worth an investment to put many resources to secure your child’s future by getting them into selective public schools. It offers your children an excellent opportunity to meet their academic success. Your child will be put on grounds allowing them to study among like-minded peers and be nurtured with a specially designed curriculum in a challenging and stimulating environment. These selective public schools hone your child’s talent, whether they are talented in arts, music, or other programs on offer. 

Why It’s Compulsory To Take NAPLAN

As discussed earlier, The National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy is usually an annual assessment that tests all students each year in Years 3, 5, 7, and 9. Each of them is tested in reading, writing, language conventions—spelling, grammar and punctuations, and numeracy. Both government and non-government education authorities played a significant role in contributing to the development of NAPLAN materials. NAPLAN is a measure through which governments, education authorities, schools, teachers, and parents determine if young Australians have the literacy and numeracy skills that provide the critical foundation for other learning and their rewarding and productive participation in the community. It makes it a compulsory test to take. 

What is the highest NAPLAN score or band?

For NAPLAN tests, students are not graded but instead shown where they stand relative to the national and school average. It’s usually distributed diagrammatically, such that Year 3 is band 6, Year 5 is band 8, Year 7 is band 9, and Year 9 is band 10. However, for years 3, 5, and 7, students are ranked in a triangle which makes them higher than the highest bond. 

Influence of parents on NAPLAN

Considering NAPLAN preparation years 9, there’s no secret to students’ readiness for the test. However, the more prepared a student is, the higher their chances of nailing the essential exams in their academic journey. Still, during the preparation stage, parents play a significant role in helping children succeed academically by being proactive and interested in their children’s studies.


Typically, the NAPLAN exam is not designed as a pass or fail type of test, even though it can be scary for your child as it’s tested each year. While preparing, it’s essential to ensure you are equipped with the fundamental skills in literacy and numeracy. Awareness of exam techniques will also help you build confidence and do your best.