Paraphrasing Tool Is Helpful For Students In Writing Assignments

No human being is born an expert at paraphrasing, however, in today’s technology-driven world things have changed.

There are numerous paraphrasing tools available over the internet that can help any student to learn the art of paraphrasing to enhance their productivity in writing assignments.

But before getting deeper into it let us discuss basic things.

What is paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing is driven from the Greek language which means “An additional manner of expression”.

It’s basically changing the context of a particular text, thought, and idea in the perceiver’s words.

In a writer’s dictionary, it’s a creative way of writing other’s thoughts or published articles into your own words.

An example of paraphrasing:

It will be easy for anyone to understand what paraphrasing is while looking at this example

“I was unable to go to the hospital because it was raining outside”

Now let us paraphrase it

It was raining so, I couldn’t go to the hospital.

This tells, that how rephrasing sentences can change the sentences.

The importance of paraphrase in a student’s life

A student has to write a lot of assignments during his/her educational career.

During these periods, students mostly rely on other’s research or information.

Through paraphrase, they can use the same information and change the words along with their own thoughts and merge them all together to give a new unique look.

Hence while paraphrasing the sentences, a student doesn’t need to properly cite the source or take the permission of the original authors.

This is because the paraphrase output if practiced properly, will eliminate plagiarism and come out as unique content.

A small tip while paraphrasing in the assignment:

Up to some extend when writing assignments, where necessary students can cite the source properly as it will add proof and authority to an assignment.  

This will also send a signal to the teachers that the student has researched deeply as well as used the right way to remark the work of an author in his/her assignment.

Why do students need paraphrasing tool?

Many students prefer to search for a query online, especially while writing assignments.

Fine, that’s cool, students can get thousands of educational material relevant to their search query over the internet.

But now the thing is while the student is perceiving the knowledge, it’s a common trait that student tries to copy and paste the content from the internet as it is on their assignment.

First of all, this copy and paste process is illegal, unethical, and really a dangerous act if passed on to educational bodies.


This copy and paste process while writing assignments is called “Plagiarism”.

A plagiarized assignment has serious allegations and harmful drawbacks like:

  • Destroy a student’s reputation while getting highlighted as theft under everyone’s eye
  • It can hurt badly the self-esteem of a student after facing the punishments and criticism by teachers, parents, and higher educational authorities
  • It will make the student go through again writing a new assignment with harsh strictness
  • It will be stamped in a student’s character certificate or on his//her academic certificates as a thief.

Looking at the above-mentioned drawbacks, handing over a plagiarized assignment to the educational bodies should be avoided at all costs.

Now the thing is at the initial stages of a student’s career, the student is going through the learning process of authorship.

Thus, expecting a student to produce inventive and creative skills in their periodic submission is a little too early.

However, students should go through the process of learning paraphrasing.This should be taught by teachers or parents.

But no one really focuses on teaching students how to paraphrase properly.

plagiarized assignment

How it can help students in writing assignments

During the academics, students have to submit various assignments and catch up with the deadlines.

Obviously doing this manually will certainly take time and effort.

This is where a paraphrasing tool comes to rescue students while writing assignments.

While writing bulk assignments online near to deadlines, using this tool can help students to rephrase sentences online within a few minutes.

The output from these online tools will be the personal work of the student’s own rather than that of any other author or publisher.

Additionally, these rewriting tools produce plagiarism free content.

How does the paraphrasing tool work while writing assignments

Below are the steps for how it works:

  • Once the student gets access to the tool
  • Student will upload or copy and paste from the source of information
  • Commands the tool to paraphrase
  • While doing so the tool will analyze the text
  • Research the relevant text from the online academic library to come up with the relevant information
  • After that through artificial intelligence it will highlight the words that need to be changed in a sentence and suggest a synonym
  • Then either the student can change where appropriate or simply let the tool paraphrase the whole text by itself
  • After that it will show the paraphrased text as a preview
  • Before giving the final output it will go through a plagiarism checker to eliminate if any plagiarism is left in it
  • Finally it will produce fresh, unique content that is free from plagiarism and the student can use the paraphrased information in their assignment.
paraphrasing tool

How to avoid plagiarism with paraphrasing

As mentioned earlier plagiarism is unethical and a stealing act, therefore educational bodies and professional organizations disregard it.

Although there are thousands of examples of plagiarized content over the internet, it’s because people find copying other’s hard work time, and money-saving effort.

The plagiarized content cannot be retained for a long time.

There will be a point where the readers of that website or researched journal will get irritated and feel like there is nothing special or unique on the website.

Hence you will fall back by losing readers on the website or published journal.   

check plagiarism


Technology has been revolving our daily life in many aspects.

Similarly, educational tools are coming up with great advantages.

While looking at the paraphrasing tool benefits, using the tool for a student while writing assignments and coping up with deadlines makes it worthwhile.

Hence students should either learn the art of paraphrasing or utilize the benefits of this tool.

This will ultimately enhance a student’s productivity in writing.