Legal fees are costly, so it’s not surprising that many landlords choose to do it themselves in legal matters. If you have one or two rental properties, you probably don’t require any legal counsel or retainer.

However, it’s sensible to identify common situations where you’d benefit from expert legal advice. A no-cost consultation is the first step toward establishing an effective lawyer-client relationship.

Take a look at the following scenarios where the help of a legal aid housing lawyer could assist you in avoiding problems, stress, and large settlements.

Resolving Alleged Illegal Discrimination in Housing

You don’t have to hire an attorney to challenge every tenant or prospect’s claim. It’s commonplace to find property managers who abide by the fair housing regulations to encounter complaints from rejected applicants or tenants who were evicted. If an accusation is turned into a lawsuit, you may want to talk with a housing lawyer for legal aid.

The civil penalty is extremely pricey, and that’s not even factoring in actual damages, legal costs, and any other judgments. The cost can be high when you decide to take the case to court or if you have to settle. In addition, there’s the risk of negative publicity and damage to your company and its reputation. With everything at stake, it’s not a surprise that many landlords employ an attorney to help navigate the legal challenges.

Collection of Rent Payments from Tenants

Your lawyer must aid you in stopping payment issues from occurring at all. That is one of the reasons to hire an attorney to draft the lease agreement. It is important to establish an approach you follow each time a tenant fails to pay. It is often a matter of timing, and landlords are required to submit their leases in advance and keep track of key dates, like the expiration of grace periods. If a landlord is compassionate regarding tenant issues or offers extra time in certain situations, tenants could profit. It is possible to be accused of discrimination, so you should consult with a lawyer on the best way to proceed.

Modifying the Structure of Your Business

Do you operate your company as a sole proprietorship, general partnership, limited liability partnership (LLP), limited partnership, limited liability company (LLC), or a business company? Based on the state you live in, the lawyer may be the best choice to answer your questions. What types of documents should you file in your state? Should you file them each year? It’s possible to figure out these questions on your own. However, you could benefit from an attorney firm to hold your assistance throughout the procedure.

Suspecting Illegal Activities

You shouldn’t dismiss someone on the basis of a guess. However, it could be that your neighbors or tenants have reported something to you. What can you do when you are concerned about you are witnessing drug dealing, prostitution, dog fighting, or other illicit activity in your home?

Security of neighbors, your other residents, and the property you own is one of your primary concerns as a landlord. Making a tenant pay for an illegal act is almost always possible. However, you need to gather enough evidence. That is why it’s advised to see the legal aid housing lawyer determine what constitutes solid evidence.