How did Evil Eye turn into Jewellery Trend?


If you are wearing a sleeveless top with jeans, you can wear the evil eye in a hand bracelet to make your clothes look even more appealing. Similarly, if you are wearing formal attire such as a gown, you can use the evil eye locket. The evil eye originated as a talisman or amulet designed to protect against the evil eye, hence its name.

These eyes were originally designed in blue but have since come in various colours and have become a popular accessory all over the world, including India. There is no shortage of jewellery designers and makers these days. There are evil eye jewellery pieces available in the country like white evil eye bracelet, necklace, rings etc.

What is it about evil eye jewellery that makes it so popular?

The fact that it is known to protect its owner creates a positive aura around this talisman. People buy these to protect themselves, their homes, and their loved ones, and evil eye jewellery is perhaps the most convenient way to keep this with you at all times.

When it comes to fashion, the evil eye trend is growing at a rapid pace. Some of the most well-known celebrities, including musicians, actors, singers, hairstylists, sports figures, and other professionals, wear the evil eye as a mandatory part of their attire. The evil eye trend has become quite versatile, as it is worn in various forms, such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and various other forms.

There is a broad extent of options available 

Nowadays, The variety of popular evil eye jewellery available in the market. It can be worn as a bracelet, pendant, ring, or even earrings. Thus, people have a plethora of options when it comes to evil eye-themed jewellery on the market.

1. The most suitable gifting option

People also claim that it is now one of the most popular jewellery gifts. People love giving evil-eye themed jewellery as gifts, and it’s one of the best-selling lines.

2. Jewellery of the highest quality

Evil eye jewellery began as simple bracelets but has evolved into fine jewellery, with the talisman encrusted in precious metals such as gold and platinum and gemstones such as diamonds, sapphires, and topaz.

3. Customization is also possible

If you are dissatisfied with the selection available in the market, you can have this type of jewellery customized. Customers love the variety on the market, but they prefer customization because evil eye jewellery is a very personal form of jewellery, close to one’s heart. Evil eye jewellery can be worn in contrast to any colour scheme. This type of jewellery can be worn with any colour combination, whether dark, light, or a combination of both. When wearing Evil Eye jewellery, teenagers set a very unusual trend.


This type of jewellery complements the fashion trends of all ages. In other words, you can create both sober and outrageous jewellery with an evil eye. White evil eye bracelet is among the famous evil eye jewellery. The evil eye can be used with both expensive metals like white gold and platinum and less expensive metals like silver.