magnetic locks

Some companies have been marketing magnetic door locks by claiming that they are 100% safe. But are these claims true? This post will help you find out by providing you with the facts on the safety of magnetic locks. The magnetic door lock is a new way to secure your home or business. It replaces the need for a key and operates using a simple lock and release mechanism. This blog will discuss everything you need to know about how secure the magnetic door locks are. 

How much force can the mag lock door hold?

Typically, a single mag lock door can hold a force of 2669 N. This is the pressure required to open the door when pushing. This force is about equal to a car carrying a weight of 442 pounds above it. One strength of the mag lock door is that the force required to open it gradually increases as the door attacks it. That means that regardless of what angle you attack, your force against the mag lock door will not be high, and as such, you are less likely to cause damage. Most magnetic locks can readily hold off someone trying to break in because they go through a gradual pressure increase when attacked.

What is the maximum amount of force that a mag lock can withstand?

Magnetic door locks can withstand up to 1200 pounds of force before breaking. That makes them ideal for most homes and businesses.

Can magnetic door locks work without electricity?

If you are someone who does not want to be dependent on electricity and you still need a way to secure your home or business, then the magnetic locks are perfect for you. They do not require electricity to function. That means they work just fine even during power outages because they have a battery for backup.

Are they easy to install?

Magnetic door locks are easy to install because they require no hard wiring. All you need is some tape and screws, and you are good to go.

Can you use them to keep your child in the house?

That is one of the things that you can use the door for. You can control your child’s movements using these door locks. That helps ensure that they are safe from harm. You do not need to worry about your child leaving the house and getting involved in an accident or danger.

Can you automate magnetic door locks?

Automating the maglock door is an easy task because of its easy installation. You have to have some programming skills, and you can make them work as you want. They are also quite affordable to automate. The entire process can be less than $100, so you do not need a lot of money to get them functional.

What are the best places to use magnetic locks?

These doors are best used in schools, offices, industries, commercial places, homes, etc. They can keep your property secure from unwanted access. The door can easily get opened using a card or a key. You can use them to secure your room or get access to it. If you want to secure your office from access by unauthorized persons, you should consider getting these locks installed.

Final verdict

Magnetic locks are a  great way to keep your properties safe. They do not require any hardwiring, and their installation is really quick. The security mechanisms make it easy for you to not worry about your safety as long as you have these doors installed. That makes your life much easier, and you do not need to worry about the security of your home after installing them.