Breathwork Facilitator Training
Breathwork Facilitator Training

Breathwork Training is meant to provide you with the skills you need to assist others in discovering their power. Continue reading to discover more!

Breath is a powerful tool for improving health and mental and spiritual wellness. Utilising the power of breath to clear out unresolved residue can help people find core healing and alignment in their lives. The breath is like a broom that sweeps away old, oppressed residue from our beliefs, emotions, and consciousness. By harnessing the power of the breath, we can clear out our innermost darkness and bring light into the dark.

This programme will teach you how as a breathwork facilitator training to lead breathwork sessions, teach breathwork courses, and train others. 

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Level 1 Breathwork Facilitator Training

Being a breathwork facilitator has several advantages. You’ll – 

  • Discover the fundamental ways to guide your customers’ trips without touching them. 
  • Learn how to use verbal cues, voice tone, and body movement to assist clients in expanding their breathing.
  • Also, learn about fundamental respiratory physiology and the importance of carbon dioxide. 
  • Be alert about health issues that may limit some vigorous kinds of breathwork.

Levels of Qualifications

Being a breathwork facilitator entails several different levels of certification that you must complete –

  • To become a breathwork facilitator, you must first complete an in-person Intensive.
  • Following that, you may finish the Digital Course and optional self-journeys. Those who have completed the Immersion and Digital Course may also become certified Breathwork Facilitators. 
  • The software teaches circular breathing and contains everything you need to run a breathwork course. You’ll be able to deal with customers and train others in the field.

Reasons to pursue

There are several reasons to pursue training as a breathwork facilitator. Breathwork is an effective therapeutic practice that may foster community, connection, and healing. 

  • This training will teach you how to conduct breathwork sessions, hold space, and encourage group change. 
  • It also addresses the business aspect of breathwork. You will discover how to lead from your heart and connect with tribes. 
  • Those who pass the course are qualified to provide breathwork sessions to customers all around the globe.


Breathwork is a simple therapy that allows individuals to gain tremendous health advantages just by breathing. This course enables you to become a breathwork facilitator, teaching others how to breathe and experience the significant health advantages it may provide. 

  • You don’t need special equipment or training to teach this technique; all you need is a quiet area and your undivided focus. 
  • Breathwork facilitator training assists you in developing your facilitation abilities, which are required for establishing an atmosphere of acceptance, connection, and healing. 
  • You will learn how to establish a safe environment for your pupils. 
  • As a facilitator, you will discover how to encourage your group, lead them to connect with their knowledge, and reveal the essential principles of change. 
  • During your training, you’ll learn why breathwork is crucial for the body and mind and how to birth the heart.

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Breathwork training from Breathless covers the science of breathwork and fundamental facilitation skills and duties. Our programme is intended to give you the skills required to establish a practice that will benefit others. Throughout the programme, you will have several opportunities to apply what you learn to your life and company.
To enable breathwork practice, you must hold the space with integrity and clarity of purpose. Immersion is sensitive, intimate, and deeply therapeutic, and you must hold it with the highest honesty. Breathless’s breathwork facilitator training teaches you how to create an intentional field of resonance and weave a container of receptivity, enabling you to submit to a higher will.