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How To Do An SEO Competitive Analysis

For a website to be successful, an SEO strategy that has been carefully prepared is required. If you own a website, you must be fully aware of the importance of SEO to rank in Google. You have to begin by identifying your local audience base in Chester County and then move on to figuring out who your competitors are.

Yet you might be asking why, after performing all of the SEO stuff and checking all of the boxes on the SEO checklist, the website still needs to rank on Google. That means you made a mistake somewhere, and your competitors took advantage of it.

It is critical to understand your competitor’s SEO approach to build your brand’s presence. You can either hire the best SEO company in West Chester that has ever seen it or do the task yourself. Using the steps outlined here, you can set yourself ahead of the competition in search engine Optimization west Chester pa has available.

But before we get to the suggestions, let’s talk about what SEO is.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

The process of improving a website’s ranking in Google is called search engine optimization (SEO). Finding relevant keywords with high search traffic potential is one of the first steps in creating an optimal SEO checklist. Among other things, you should write good content, include relevant links from high-quality sites, and keep track of the results.

Why is SEO Competitive Analysis required?

Search engine optimization (SEO) boosts a website’s ranking in Google. So you can take advantage of their weaknesses or learn from their achievements.

SEO competitor analysis comes into play when it’s time to watch what your competitors do and make or change your plans based on what they do. Instead of being afraid of your competitors, look at them as a way to learn.

Conducting a competitive analysis enables you to comprehend areas for improvement in your SEO approach and learn about the winning techniques of your competitors.

Steps to perform SEO Competitive Analysis

These steps are usually implemented if you engage the top SEO Company in West Chester.

1.     Determine Your Competitors

The first step in any field is to know the competition. Being aware of your competitors will win you half the battle. There are free and paid versions of different tools for discovering, tracking, and analyzing competitive businesses. Premium tools are used by experts at SEO Company in West Chester to analyze your competitors. In fact, you can do this using Google. Use a reverse method to locate competitors using your keywords.

2.     Identify the keywords used by your competitors.

Find out what keywords your competitors are using. It could be a low-competition or heavily searched keyword. A keyword with a high search volume doesn’t need to result in a significant rise in search traffic. Instead, it is advised to concentrate on meeting search intent. You should concentrate on creating high-quality content while keeping keywords in mind. Do not write content only to include keywords.

3.     Examine your competitors’ strategies.

After evaluating keywords, examine the competitor’s website using criteria such as link building, the structure of the website, site speed, and SSL certifications, as well as mobile compatibility. Understanding Marketing these aspects will assist you in understanding how your website compares in terms of technical SEO to your competition. Discovering and exploiting flaws in your competitors’ content is also a part of this study. If they just offer content in one style, you can consider reworking it to be more popular.

4.     Focus on their on-page SEO optimization and link-building strategy.

Obtaining high-quality and reputable backlinks is an essential component of any effective SEO strategy. Examine the pages that are outranking you. Determine the inbound links that point to your competitors’ websites. This will assist you in determining why your competitors are performing better in terms of search engine positioning. Examine their titles, meta descriptions, and headings.

5.     Develop a content strategy and monitor your progress

Create a checklist of all the points to consider when posting fresh content. Old articles should be re-optimized based on all of the points. You must monitor their performance. Frequent keyword audits and competition analysis reports should be prepared to determine whether or not your plan was successful.


Search is an ongoing process and is constantly evolving. Thus it’s critical to undertake a competitive analysis frequently to stay ahead. You have two choices. Hire a digital marketing agency west Chester has. Professionals at SEO Company West Chester will utilize high-end software to study your competition. The second option is to commit to learning how to conduct SEO competition analysis and make it a habit to do so regularly.