Amazon Alexa App for Chromebook
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Is Amazon Alexa App for Chromebook a thing? Yes, it is possible to install the Amazon Alexa app on Chromebooks providing support for running Android apps. Therefore, you can use Alexa on your Chromebook to control and manage Alexa-powered devices.

Installing Alexa App on Chromebook

In order to use Amazon Alexa app on your Chromebook, you need it:

Step #01 – Open Play Store app or go to

Step #02 – Enter “Amazon Alexa” or “Alexa app” in the search bar and tapthe search button.

Step #03 – Open Amazon Alexa app and tap Install.

Step #04 – Open the Alexa app on your Chromebook.

Alexa App Compatible Devices

Following are the various Alexa-powered devices that you can control and manage with the Amazon Alexa app:

  • Echo
  • Echo Dot
  • Echo Input
  • Echo Plus
  • Echo Show
  • Echo Spot
  • Echo Sub
  • Amazon Tap

Setting Up the Alexa Device

Once you’ve successfully installed the Amazon Alexa for Chromebook, you can use it to control your Alexa-powered device, including Echo Dot and Amazon Tap. Don’t know how to set up your Echo device? Here’s how:

Step #01– Plug-in the Echo device i.e. plug in one end of the USB cable in the power port of the Echo device and the other in the power adapter.

Step #02 – Once the Echo device starts receiving power there will be a blue ring.

Step #03 – Wait for the Blue ring to turn to Orange color. It means the device is now in the setup mode.

Alexa App Setup

Note: You can set up only one Alexa-compatible device at a time. To set up multiple devices, you need to repeat the Alexa app setup process for each one of them.

When done with setting up the Echo device, it’s time to set up the Alexa app on your Chromebook. Here’s how to do it:

Step #01 – Launch the Alexa app.

Step #02 – Tap the “Choose Your Device” dropdown and choose the device to connect to the Amazon Alexa app.

Step #03 – Choose your location and language to complete the process. If you’re not sure about it, select English(U.S.).

Connecting to a Wi-Fi Network and Finishing

The next step is to connect your device to a Wi-Fi network. Typically, the Echo device automatically connects with the Amazon Alexa app. If not, then you need to do it manually. Here’s how it is done:

Step #01 – Navigate to Wi-Fi settings on your Chromebook.

Step #02 – Turn on Wi-Fi.

Step #03 – From the list of available networks, choose the networks with the name something like “Amazon-XYZ”.

Note: If you’re not able to find the network, refresh the list, wait for some time, and then try again.

Step #04 – In the Alexa app navigate to Next->Continue. Tap the “Continue” button and wait for the Amazon Alexa app to finish the setup.

Step #05 – Choose a wireless network to connect on your mobile device and proceed with the instructions to complete establishing a connection.

Step #06 – Voila, you’re all ready to use the Echo device with Amazon Alexa app on your Chromebook.

To avoid facing any kind of issue, it is recommended to use a wireless network that is a dual-band having a frequency in between 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz ranges. So, that was all about Amazon Alexa App for Chromebook. Until next time!