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Human beings are very social and emotion-filled species. Emotions drive most of our aspects of life. People choose their whole career and life goals based on some emotions they felt in a moment. Some people lose all of their finances due to a sudden rush in their emotions. And otherstake vows with a person they barely know.

In Pickup Alpha, we have encountered that most of time these involuntary actions leads to Heavy failures in major aspects of life and leave scars on our emotional self. And it gets very necessary to confront and heal these scars before moving on to the next aspect of life. As people keep on looking on for the next thing, without confronting their past events, the scars get deep, and eventually, people become this depressed sadistic version of a life form that ruins everything in their surroundings and most pain is felt by the people who they are close to.

Biologically, humans aren’t sexually monogamous even though being socially monogamous which means many people are in relations but aren’t into their partners. That drains Energy from Both the persons and affects them emotionally.

Most of the Times emotional disconnection makes people self-doubt and they walk into their next relationship with so many to-do tasks and a set of firewalls that their next relation ends up becoming a bigger disaster than their previous one.

Even though we refuse to accept it and the emotional burden of a relationship breaking is so much that we can’t even try to look back to analyse what went wrong. Even though not the relationship we can’t, there are certain things we need to look upon every now and then.

They fall into 4 categories including physical, mental, emotional, and financial.

  • Physical:- Now and then if given a thought about what food we eat, how much we take care of our body and if we are fit and exercising or not, and other things to keep our body healthy. We will be functional better looking and functioning which helps in curbing the insecurities people have of their own bodies and Keep the person active and intimately attractive.
  • Financial:– Well Money is the best catalyst in every situation of the world. Lack of Money can make your situation better or worse than you have. Having a decent amount of Savings with yourself and being financially secure eliminates most of the fights couples have.
  • Mental:–  A Person Who is not trying to grow his mind and fill it with new things is already filling it with problems and hatred that shouldn’t even exist. Reading about some new things and being curious about learning always, help you to understand and learn from past experiences which could make you grow into a great person and a really compatible partner.
  • Emotional:– Last and most important is this one, Making sure you do things that emotionally fulfill you like some hobbies or a job you love is the best way to be a partner who is ready for a relationship. People who are going into relation as a needy individual who wants the other one to fill them and mend their emotional scars can never experience the intimacy and love humans need in life.

Overall you can say that before being comfortable and compatible with another person, you need to be happy with yourself because relationships aren’t some business transaction with taking something out from a person, it’s a partnership involving two people enjoying each other in a fulfilling way. You can Read more Or Pickup Alpha’s blog to understand better and contact us whenever you are ready for dating