Laasya Palicha aka Laasya Sudhakar

A hobby you love, crocheting for your baby or hitting the slopes to get some powder, has many benefits. These include a lower stress level and a greater sense of belonging.

Weiler says that an employer might be interested in someone who is a member of an improvisational group. This person can be more efficient at thinking quickly and be more comfortable speaking in front of others. You may also find that your hobbies can make you more attractive to potential employers.

A hobby you enjoy can make a difference in your life and work. What if you don’t have a hobby that you love? This is not a common problem. Weiler says that finding meaningful hobbies is one reason her clients, especially young ones, seek counseling.

Many people don’t have a hobby or don’t know where to start one. Laasya Palicha believes that it does not necessarily mean they won’t be able to find one. It doesn’t matter if your age is 25 or 85. It’s still possible to get on the hobby train. These are some strategies to help you find the hobby that you love.

Turn what you already love into a hobby.

Even if your hobby isn’t something you are passionate about, chances are you’ll find a way to make it a hobby. Find hobbies that you enjoy and look at what else you do. Do you have a collection of stand-up shows on Netflix? Take an improv class. Do you find playing with your dog your favorite part of the day? Volunteer with a rescue group. Do you enjoy reading random facts about pop culture? Join a trivia group.

You’re doing what you love. Finding hobbies you love is the easiest way to make yourself more valuable as an employee and person.

Take back your childhood interests.

Consider the hobbies that you enjoyed before #adulting, work, and life.

What was your favorite thing to do as a child? Do you remember spending hours creating masterpieces with your fingers to hang on the fridge? You might consider taking an art class if this is you. Are you a performer always dressed in costumes and putting on shows for friends? You might consider joining a local troupe of actors. Perhaps you spent your entire school year anticipating Field Day. In that case, you might consider joining an adult flag football or kickball league.

As a child, you likely had hobbies that you enjoyed. It can be great to revisit these hobbies as an adult.

Get an Assessment

For one person, the most enjoyable hobby can be difficult for another. People enjoy hobbies that are unique to them.

You might, for instance, take the Myers-Briggs test to determine if you are an ENFJ. ENFJs are social, passionate, and altruistic. Volunteer work at a charity organization may feel like a worthwhile hobby. You might be an INTP who values logic more than anything else. In this case, learning to program and spending time creating computer games or software could be a good fit.

Try New Things and See What Stick.

It doesn’t matter how you approach it. Finding a hobby can be frustrating. You might believe that crafting is your best creative outlet, but it can be boring and repetitive. That’s OK! You can find a hobby you truly love if you are willing to try new things and be open to learning.

Take a class if you think of something that interests you, such as kite surfing, macrame, or karate. Suppose you like it, great! Keep trying. If it doesn’t work, you can cross it off your list and move on.

You might need to try a few times before you find the hobby you love. But, don’t lose heart. You must keep going out and connecting with others and continue to explore new things that are exciting to you. You’ll eventually find the hobby that suits you best. In the meantime, you’ll be learning a lot and meeting cool people.