air brake endorsement Edmonton

When a person or driver passes the Alberta air brake course through a recognized authority, he will drive air brake vehicles. All those who pass this test will be given a special character (Q) on their driving license, which shows that they can drive the air brake endorsement system. 

There are two types of airbrake endorsements. Let us know both of these. 

  • off-highway airbrake endorsement
  • On-highway airbrake endorsement

If we want to drive an airbrake endorsements vehicle, we have to pass the exam and complete all the formalities regarding this. Let us know what is the procedure to get an airbrake endorsement. 

To Get an off-highway airbrake endorsement.

You’ll require an unlicensed operating vehicle that is provided with air brakes, and

These carriers are being utilized to carry natural resources on industrial roads.

If you drive skidders, loaders, graders, or yarders on industrial roads, you are not required to off-highway air brake endorsement. 

Requirements for an off-highway air brake endorsement

To get an off-highway air brake endorsement, your age should be at least 18 years for single unit vehicles while 19 years for combination vehicles. 

Steps to apply for off-highway air brake endorsement

  • To get an off-highway air brake endorsement, you should be a company’s team member that constructs industrial roads. 
  • An official and trusted authority should do all your medical tests. Data of these tests should be in your company. 
  • It would be best if you were given a 30 days/ 1 month training period for this. You should get a proficiency Letter through the company. 
  • You will get your proficiency letter from the license office. 
  • After all these formalities, you should pass the ICBC air brake pre-trip test. 
  • Now Pass the air brake knowledge test.
  • You will have to Pass an air brake pre-trip test using a single-unit vehicle equipped with air brakes. 
  • Interestingly, A road test is not required, but you will expect to Pay for your road test fees and license fees. 

To get an on-highway air brake endorsement for a combination-unit vehicle. 

Suppose you want to get an on-highway air brake endorsement Edmonton for a combination-unit vehicle. You can get it by the simple method as discussed below: 

Pass the Class 1 Knowledge Test, which Includes Air Brake Materials. Complete the BC Class 1 MELT course. This includes all needed air brake training. Pass the air brake pre-trip test as part of a Class 1 road test, use a combination-unit vehicle equipped with an air brake. Pay for your road test fee and license fees. 

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