CAT Exam Preparation Books 2022

Are you looking for a CAT preparation strategy that works? We at Shiksha will help you prepare for the CAT 2022 exam, held on November 27 (tentatively). The Common Admission Test, or CAT, is India’s most popular MBA entrance exam. It is taken by more than 21,000 candidates every year. It’s the route to India’s top B-schools, The IIMs. It is, however, the most difficult entrance exam to pass. Aspirants to CAT 2022 must prepare a plan covering all aspects of the exam that will help them score 99+ percentile. The CAT aptitude test evaluates a candidate’s ability to think critically, communicate clearly, and use logic and reasoning skills. This skill is essential for any career in business management. A sound preparation plan is essential to pass the CAT exam.

As with every year, the CAT 2022 question papers will be difficult. You need to make sure that you are prepared for this. This article will cover CAT preparation. It also contains tips and tricks on how to prepare for the exam. You will also find section-wise preparation tips and CAT question papers.

Exam Preparation for CAT 2022

The CAT exam is difficult and requires dedication. You will need to spend six to eight hours studying each day. Candidates must review all concepts and formulae daily to retain them until the exam day. Candidates must revise the material concerning how they applied it to different questions. Candidates must make split-second decisions during the exam. Candidates should practice 40-50 mock exams during CAT 2022 preparation to master this skill. Studying from the best CAT Exam Preparation Books 2022 will be a great help for your exam preparation.

Coaching for CAT 2022 Preparation

Preparing for the CAT is a long-term plan. It would help if you started planning for the exam at least six to nine-month in advance. Candidates who intend to prepare for the CAT through self-study must begin even earlier. The mentors and coaches will guide candidates who join a coaching center for CAT preparation. They provide all the necessary study materials and mock tests and help them with tricky questions and topics. They will need to attend classes for six to eight hours each day.

CAT 2022 Preparation through Self-Study

Self-study is a good option for those who cannot attend classes every day. A self-study is an option for CAT exam preparation. Many CAT exam toppers have done their study. Self-study is the best option for those who want to prepare for CAT 2022. They need to do the following:

  • Join online study groups on Facebook, YouTube, Quora, Telegram, etc.
  • Get MBA preparation apps
  • Buy CAT Exam Preparation Books 2022 for CAT preparation
  • MBA coaching institutes offer online material such as CAT mock tests.
  • Plan a month-by-month CAT preparation program

Online mode is used for the CAT exam. The question paper’s difficulty range is typically moderate to difficult. Although the questions can be difficult or easy, what matters is how fast and accurate you think to solve them.