diesel def tank

Any engine cannot operate without clean fuel, and the same applies to a standby generator. Load shedding is a prevalent problem across the country, so many households and factories need to have standby generators, which cannot operate without fuel. Accordingly, a diesel def tank needs to be placed in spaces, together with generators.  Here are some ways to pick suitable diesel tanks for standby generators.

Ways to Select the Suitable Diesel Def Tank

  1. Pick a proper tank style

One of the most common styles of a diesel storage tank is the sub-base type. In this style, the generator is placed on the top of the fuel tank. These tanks can range anywhere from 8 to 40 inches in height, depending on the diesel required.

  • Determine the run time of the tank

The run time of a diesel storage tank is calculated in accordance with the fuel consumption by the generator at 100 percent load. However, this is usually not effective in reality because a generator doesn’t run at 100 percent load normally. So, the actual run time of a tank is generally more than what is anticipated.

  • Run time may vary according to code

Local requirements may require a diesel exhaust fluid tank to meet a specific run time. For example, tanks used in the healthcare industry usually need to have a run time of 48 hours minimum with a particular amount of fuel in some states. Other states might have different codes. Therefore, it is vital to check the local regulations when getting a diesel tank, so the correct type of tank is bought.

  • Focus on fuel treatment

Diesel fuel can start to deteriorate within six months of use and eventually form solids in the tank. This can cause issues with the performance of a standby generator and result in the growth of micro-organisms. It is good to remove sediment and water from the tank regularly while filtering contaminants to deal with this problem.

  • Consider the diesel fuel types

Diesel usually comes in #1 or #2 grade. The fuel type that works best for a standby generator depends on the local climate. For example, #1 Diesel grade is better for areas that experience colder temperatures. The other type of diesel comparatively is preferred for warmer climates. However, both fuel grades might be blended to provide viscosity for changing weather conditions in some cases. Accordingly, customers wishing to buy diesel fuel need to discuss the type of fuel that will work best for them with the fuel suppliers.


One cannot visit a shop and buy a diesel fuel tank randomly. Various factors need to be considered to select the best diesel tank for a standby generator. To learn more about diesel fuel tanks, contact us today.