ignite program practice tests
The IGNITE exam is designed specially for students who are quick to absorb new concepts and have a wide range of interests.

The IGNITE exam is designed specially for students who are quick to absorb new concepts and  have a wide range of interests. It provides students with advanced academic ability a fascinating education experience in the presence of bright classmates. While there are various advantages of the IGNITE program practice tests that help students improve their learning and accelerate their progress at a rate proportional to their potential, preparation is the key to excelling in the exam. 

TEST CHAMPS provides quality-crafted individual and bundled Ignite Program Practice Tests to assist students in efficiently preparing for the exam. Test Champ’s practice tests are up to date and have been regularly checked by expert teacher-writers to assist parents in relieving their concerns about their children’s IGNITE preparation by providing effective study materials that boost their preparation and help them become acquainted with the actual IGNITE program.

What Is The “IGNITE” Program?

IGNITE is a specialized accelerated learning program offered by the South Australian Education Department for selective  public high schools for students in Grades 7–10. It is designed for students who surpass their peers and are not sufficiently provided for by the traditional curriculum. The program offers a more challenging curriculum for gifted and talented students to help them develop their higher-order thinking skills. In addition, your child will gain various benefits in addition to the academic curriculum by participating in IGNITE.

Students Will Have A Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity To:

  • Learn in a friendly environment while cooperating with students with similar skills and interests.
  • Acquire higher-order capabilities and competencies, including intercultural and ethical awareness, independence, and social awareness.
  • Encourage a lifelong love towards studying.

The Ignite Program Selection Procedure

The IGNITE Program Is Available In Three Adelaide Premier Schools:

  • The Heights School (60 places)
  • Glenunga International High School (100 spots)
  • Aberfoyle Park High School (50 spots)

All IGNITE program applicants must pass a rigorous four-part IGNITE exam, which is administered in February each year and is followed by an interview. Successful aspirants are enrolled in the secondary school IGNITE program after completing an ACER (Australian Council for Educational Research) assessment in February. Students who qualify for the IGNITE program will be admitted immediately, regardless of their place of residence.

What Does The Ignite Test Consist Of?

The four components of the ACER HAST are written expression, abstract reasoning, mathematical reasoning, and reading comprehension. Students who have taken the ACER HAST say it is challenging. The questions are one or two grade levels more challenging than your child’s current school year since they are intended to find youngsters who are exceptionally gifted and intelligent.

  • Reading Comprehension: Students must respond to 40 questions throughout the 45-minute reading comprehension test. Your child will be presented with a variety of  tests, such as nonfiction magazine articles and poetry and will be required to respond to multiple-choice questions.
  • Mathematical reasoning: Students have 40 minutes to complete 30 problems on the mathematical reasoning test. This part of the test will judge how well your child can reason mathematically using appropriate logic.
  • Abstract reasoning: The Abstract Reasoning test lasts for 30 minutes and requires students to answer 30 questions. This area will require your child to solve visual puzzles and challenges. Frequent thinking themes in abstract reasoning are patterns , shapes, colours, and (sometimes chaotic at first glance) diagrams.
  • Written Expression: The writing test lasts for 30 minutes, and students must respond to the stimuli provided. The necessary writing style varies from year to year. This section includes Persuasive essays, narrative/creative essays, opinion articles, descriptive writing, and other types of writing.

How Can Test Champs Help?

Test Champs IGNITE program practice tests includes exam-style questions and test formats as defined by examination-conducting organizations to simulate the genuine test atmosphere (ACER). Test Champs modify questions to correspond to the actual test in its practice tests and add more high-quality questions of varying difficulty levels. Test Champs practice tests are beneficial assistance for parents and teachers looking to give their children the necessary guidance and approaches for their future preparation. Test Champs instill confidence in students by outlining the exam format, time constraints, and question types.

With such practice assessments, your children can become accustomed to the test format  and answer questions with confidence. Test Champs IGNITE practice tests are specifically intended to help prepare for and enhance skills in critical thinking, reading, and arithmetic. You may improve your child’s chances of admission by utilizing our excellent IGNITE program practice tests.