Iman Sandifer

Iman Sandifer is from Hallandale Beach, Florida. Later in life, he was motivated to assist youth in achieving by the adults who believed in and supported him. His high school mentor helped him to discover himself and his talents.

He taught in multiple jobs at FAMU. MOTG’s creation was necessary. Manhood on the Go began as a 2014 FAMU project. As of 2017, they are a non-profit to help boys and young men transition to adulthood. The growth since they became a non-profit has been phenomenal, and he couldn’t be prouder.

Iman Sandier Earlier life and Journey

Hallandale Beach, Florida, was Iman Sandifer’s childhood home. When no one else did, adults who believed in him inspired people to assist youths in succeeding. Without a high school instructor, he wouldn’t have learned who he is, what he’s good at, and what’s out there. His destination wasn’t FAMU. This helps every kid.

He founded MOTG after teaching at FAMU. After FAMU, he founded Manhood on the Go. They’re a 501(c)(3) non-profit created in 2017 to improve young men’s access to community resources.

He’s got issues he’s still addressing. Even at initial times, he did not do papers in 2014. To have an influence, you must do more than just what you think is correct.

He prioritizes equilibrium and MOTG’s successes. Despite teaching and MOTG similarities, he’s focusing on work-life balance. MOTG trumped social media. He’ll still work because he’s young. He balances personal and professional interests.

Since he had been doing this job informally for so long before 2017, if he were to do it all over again, he would have founded the non-profit earlier. The current success of MOTG would not have been possible without his investment in himself and his vision for the company.

He is a man who is always ready to help others. Iman Sandifer is dedicated and hard-working towards the help of students and educates them at his best. He is the man behind the MOTG; without him, this organization would not be there as it is currently. He tries and appreciates the students’ education in real life so they can learn more than in the classrooms.