shale shaker screen

Shale shaker screen has splendid mesh used from drilling fluid to filter and separate drilling cuttings. It is of great significance to drilling efficiency to design high-quality screening which provides client right screen at fierce prices. A screen acts as a protector of whether a particle is small enough to pass through a screen or not.

Shale shakers have screens which remove solid particles and sustain reliability. Separating large solids from drilling fluids is critical to sustaining fluid properties. The shale shaker screens can be customized to fit virtually and supply improved flow rates, extended screen life, superior solids removal.

It is popularly used in oil extraction and drilling operations to filter drilling oil, mud, and fluids. A shaker screen is created of multiple layers of stainless steel wire clothes with various kinds of meshes. Different shaker screens have features and processing accuracy depending upon their unique set of qualities.

Functional performance of shakers is generally assessed concerning two key criteria, fluid and solid limits. The quality of the shale shaker screen can be described by the kind of screen utilized in manufacturing. Let’s have a look at some basic features of the Shale shaker:

  • Highly Flexible: It has more area of wire cloth to be utilized thus giving the crew flexibility to run fine screens and can be applied to various shale shakers.
  • Easy to Maintain and Install: It is vital to the solids control and has a simple way of operation and installation. Regular inspection must be done to avoid any kind of damage.
  • Commendable Processing Efficiency: Shale shaker is good in operational performance and are assessed on two generic parameters. One is the rate at which fluids and solids can be processed directly via a shaker and second it to ensure good filtration for stable properties.
  • Wear and Corrosion Resistance: With the design of two wires over and another two under it constructs a diagonal effect providing greater strength and corrosion resistance.
  • Good Filtering Accuracy: The shale shaker screen is built with stainless steel wire cloth which is the reason of having good filtering accuracy. It can be of various types and is used in the drilling industry for fluid shakers and the oil industry.
  • High Strength and Bearing Capacity: Synthetic liquids have high gel power and essential minimum pressure to flow. It is because of the drilling fluid, they deliver such high-quality solids performance.

Importance of Maintaining a Shale Shaker Screen:

1 .Ensuring its Proper Configuration

It is important to keep the shale shaker screen in a good shape and make sure it provides long lasting performance. It means maintaining, storing, installing your screen to prevent any damage which can be caused by stacking up the items. It is advised to refer the instructional manual for tensioning a screen because under- or-over tensioning will harm the screen’s separation performance.

2. Periodic Inspection of Screen

You can always have shale shaker screen working smoothly for a longer period by having regular preventive maintenance. It has a fast visual check of the screen without having to dismantle the shale shaker. It should include checking screen tension blinding on each screen, checking devices and material buildup.

3. Efficient Working

Shale shakers are properly structured solid control system for drilling and filtering systems. It is vital to maintain the shaker screen for smooth functioning and maximized performance rate for the filtration process.

Indeed shaker screen is one of the most accessible parts used in drilling mud; shale shaker screen has supreme quality and durable life. These screens provide top-notch separation for your solid and liquid materials. It is highly beneficial with lowering mud bills and haul off bills because of less fluid loss and better separation of substances. All the shale shaker screens offer quality and affordable screen design options.