Deepak Kharbanda

The fight to become a top-ranking site in search engines had compelled many site owners to play dirty for a few years. From paid links and keyword stuffing to spam comments and invisible text, people manipulated their techniques so that they’d be guaranteed one of the top-ranking positions in search engines. Considering that, the google algorithm ensures that sites using these techniques will get penalized and delisted. Therefore, these changes have made site owners ensure better ranking with the help of healthy, white hat SEO techniques. 

However, influencer marketing has been proven to be a boon for your SEO efforts. with the help of specialists in digital marketing like Deepak Kharbanda, let’s take a look at some of the most effective strategies to implement for influencer marketing to be impactful on your E-commerce

  • Have a Market Identity

Firstly, you need to have a marketing identity – a complete story of your target audience, which generally includes demographics, age, gender, interest, preferences, and much more. Once you recognize your market identity, you are better positioned to choose influencer marketing. For instance, hiring female influencers for a car dealing niche won’t help if you own a showroom. You’ll probably need someone with proficient knowledge of your men’s target audience.

  • Monitor Your Competitors

competitors are always great sources of knowledge. by monitoring your competitors, you’ll note what worked for them and what didn’t. Therefore, it will help you explore strategies that work best for them and easily modify them to make your best marketing strategy. To create a better marketing strategy, understand their plus points and then jot down yours. Use your plus points to show people why choosing your brand is a better option. This way, you will find the pitfalls of your brand and then can modify it.

  • Select Your Platform

Another critical aspect while choosing the right influencers is a selection of platforms. Currently, Instagram is ranked top of the most influential platforms, but Facebook and YouTube are still impactful platforms. All you need to do is distinguish your audience and know where your target audience exists most of the time. For B2C businesses,  Instagram and Facebook work best, while YouTube works for B2C and B2B. 


According to Deepak Kharbanda, influencer marketing is undoubtedly here to stay as long as social media and content marketing will be used as operative tools for clutching people’s responsiveness. Influencers will be leveraged even more to hold the audience’s opinions regarding a product or a service.