Isabella Loretta Janke – An Interior Designer in New York

Every individual dreams of owning a spacious, beautiful, and decorative house. But many people don’t like their present house no matter what size it is. Interior designing plays an important role, along with beauty and looks it also has the ability to showcase that even a studio apartment with the help of proper design can have enough space.

Even though only certain practicing interior designers are capable of making a home- interior remarkable using their creativity, professional and industrial skill, technical know-how, and architecture expertise. Isabella Loretta Janke, an affluent Interior Designer from New York City understands the need for decorative, stylish, and clean living space and the boost it has on a person’s mood and mental state. She shares the best tips to design your living space into a stylish home.

  • Determine your style: Your space should feel comfortable and compliment your style. A trick to understand is to check your closet. Do you prefer looser and more comfortable items or tailored pieces? What color do you like and wear most? Once you figure out the style and can define it in keywords i.e. traditional, formal, elegant, playful, monochromatic, etc. Try to take design inspirations of every room of your living space and design accordingly.
  • Build Around your Space: Space planning is essential and most people miss this. Many of them often use furniture that is either too large or too small and doesn’t even compliment the space. Measure your space, buy furniture according to your style and build around the furniture. Think about the balance of space and for larger space make zones for seating, television watching, work, etc. Consider the visual weight and distribution to balance out the space. Scale and proportion are key to any design.
  •  Mix Textures: Plain colors sometimes become really boring and even though the space is decorated feel dull. To add more life and style to your space, try adding different textures via accents like rugs, throws or cushions, etc. You can also try to mix materials like metal mixed with wood, or natural woven fabrics with lacquered furniture or walls, etc.
  • Take risk Of Accessories: Small Accessories also play a great role in making a place feel more fresh and stylish. Decorate with small plants, art pieces, statement vases, or some quirky bowl. These small decorative items together will give a stylish theme to your living space.
  • Design from the Ground up: Most of the people have a wonderful idea of how their room should look like but they get overwhelmed and confused about where to start. The best way is to go for one thing at a time. For example, start from the floor rug, decide the tone, material, size, layering, and pattern, etc. then go for furniture, then wall colors then accessories, and so on.

One thing to keep in mind is that the more you learn, research and try different designs the better you will get at designing your place. If during any of the phases, you feel like you need help, feel free to take advice from professionals who with their creativity and expertise can help you to design your home. New York Residents can contact the Interior designer Isabella Loretta Janke to help design their workspace, apartments, stores, and homes.