Life Coach in NYC - Isabella Loretta Janke

New York is and has been one of the best cities in the world for business, innovation, quality of living for decades. The city is the home for the best of the best in the world for everything. New Yorkers Are known for their hectic schedule and busy lifestyles, you can always find a New Yorker pacing everywhere, multitasking while traveling, and drinking a great number of cups.

Even though New York ranks at the top of the list, life at New York is hard. There is a great amount of ultra-successful people and everyone is in a race to become one which has created a cut-throat competitive atmosphere in the city. And this atmosphere results in tremendous pressure and stress amongst a lot of individuals. Many people’s lives are governed by this stress which eventually results in clinical depression and anxiety.

Life coaches play a vital role in helping those people deal with their relation, work, and personal issues. One of those compassionate and dedicated people is Isabella Loretta Janke. Isabella Is a master life coach practicing and helping residents of NYC for more than a decade. In her career, she diagnosed, coached, and assisted thousands of people to deal with their confidence, professional, financial, and stress issues. According to Isabella, there are some very simple ways that can help people deal with their regular stressful issues.

  •  Exercise and Sleep: Exercising is one of the best ways to boost your physical and mental system. A normal 30-minute workout increases blood circulation in your body and helps in flushing out the stress hormones. Physical activity helps in producing neurotransmitters called endorphins. Endorphins help in reducing pain and discomfort and boosting your mood. Along with exercise, A good night sleep of around 6-8 hours has been found to boost the cognitive functions and creativity of an individual.
  • Eat Well and Limit Alcohol: Even though New York is famous for its variety of foods and dollar pizza shops. Along with that, Most people here drink a lot, and after a certain amount of alcohol starts to wear a person down and make him slouchy. A balanced nutrient-rich diet is very important for your body and mental health. The healthier you eat, the better you will be able to function and the better you will be at handling stressful situations.
  • Carve Out Some “Me” Time: Even though it seems like your career and work is the most important thing. You need to remember that the point of life is to enjoy it too. Setting aside some time to relax, focus, introspect and enjoy will help you in boosting your mood and keep you uplifted. Read a book, play some sport, go for a run or play the piano, etc. just do something that you enjoy every day.
  • Talks About your Problems: The reason most people suffer is that they never talk about their problems. It is quite important to ask for help when it feels like things are hard. You can talk to your friends, family members, or a therapist. One thing is sure is that if you never ask for help, nobody will help or support you.

Everyone has different life experiences and many people these days feel disconnected from most of their friends and families. Isabella Loretta Janke focuses on helping and supporting those people who feel they can’t ask for and no one can help with their issues. If you feel stressed and overwhelmed from the lifestyle of NYC and looking for a Life coach to help manage that stress. You can contact and schedule a session with Isabella.