jared ekola

An individual with an outgoing personality treats camping as a stress-free vacation. Perhaps it’s always the greatest way to have yourself relieved and relaxed, especially when you are off from your job for some time. Therefore with regards to Jared Ekola, if you are yet to try out camping experience but have no idea of where to begin, here are simple techniques for you that will make your planning process stress-free.

  • Check Your Calendar

If you plan for family camping, consider both you and your spouse’s vacation time. It Also ensures your kids don’t have any special events planned. You can also consider asking them out for a dinner date to hammer out preliminaries. It will help you figure out what will work best for everyone, which is always the most challenging. Once you agree on time and dates, everything else will follow smoothly. 

  • Deciding on Tent, Trailer, or Recreational Vehicle

The next step is determining how and where you’ll look for your camping site. For beginners, it would be best to decide to rough it out with a tent. It will give you a unique experience to get in touch with nature. but if you don’t like a tent, the other alternative is buying or renting  a trailer or  Recreational Vehicle. for a trailer, ensure you use correct hookups for a safe drive-in

  • Make a List for Your Camping Trip

While planning for camping, time your time and make a list of all necessary items you’d need depending on how long you intend to stay. Ensure you have a food checklist covering all types of meals and an emergency pack for uncertainties.

  • Vehicle Pre-inspection

A couple of weeks before you hit the road for camping, ensure your vehicle is in tip-top shape. You can manually do it yourself by checking tire pressures and fluid levels. For in-depth checking, you can take your car to experts. Also, take a peek in the trunk to ensure you have enough space for all your gears. 

  • Packing 

When it’s the due date for camping, it time to pack all the necessary items you’ll need; while loading your vehicle, always start by placing heavy boxes items in the bottom then lighter on top. Don’t forget to rate your tent, ropes, and all must-have item within your reach. 


According to Jared Ekola, these planning tips would help successful vocational camping and have the best experience. While on a campsite, don’t forget to protect your feet by having the thickest socks for sleep for a peaceful night’s rest.