John Bonavia

John Bonavia is one of the best financial consultants, marketing and sales professionals, and an active philanthropist. He’s based in Los Angeles, California. He is the founder and owner of John Bonavia holdings, a firm that offers financial and financial advisory services. He works as a financial adviser for First Data Corporation, a financial services provider company.

Before his current career, he spent a couple of years modeling and the film industry before transitioning. He was featured in  “Best Friend” (an NYU student video clip depending on two roommates that stay together in NY) and “Pardon Me” (NYU student video clip instructed by Flora Kwong). he got his first role in a scary slasher thriller movie—”Frat House Massacre,”  where he played the main role. 

He’s regarded among the best American actors and directors, known for a couple of reality TV shows. He appeared in television shows such as The Bold and The Beautiful: The Beginning and The Young and The Restless as a guest star.  

How did John Bonavia make Hardships his Strength?

People always face struggles in life, though different from each other. However, some people end up losing hopes and giving up, but that’s not the case with John Bonavia. He’s one individual who struggled and invested his time surrounding himself with the most extraordinary individuals. He’s an Italian investor born in Washington DC. He completed his studies at the University of Maryland College Park and Towson University. He was determined to incorporate a way for people to maintain a fun lifestyle while networking professionally by opening a lounge for entrepreneurs.

Whenever he felt like he was struggling, John would help others financially and improve their relationships, health, and career. He worked hard to execute his dreams into a reality by being consistent and showcasing determination. John has worked at the national institute in Bethesda, Maryland, and non-organization for over four years. John started modeling his career in a modeling agency in Baltimore, Maryland, before moving to New York City, where he attained his first acting role. He has modeled for sketchers Abercrombie and Fitch. 


According to John Bonavia‘s achievements, anyone can transform their dreams into reality through hard work and consistency. From his consistency, John has been phenomenal in sustaining his position. Therefore becoming a true leader in the investment industry earned him an excellent reputation in the marketplace. He works as a financial advisor to First Data Corporation, a financial services provider company.