Pushing your limits, working every waking minute, or hiring talented people don’t make an entrepreneur successful. Plenty of skills are needed to be an entrepreneur like ambition, firm determination, and critical thinking. Success is not easy, one has to find the right way to achieve it. Once you are on the right pathway, keep going, success will wait for you, and your passion will remove all the barriers coming across your dreams.

It’s time to know about an ambitious entrepreneur, Neel Khokhani, who paved the way towards success with his nascent entrepreneurial mind. Though his father kept telling him that they can’t afford to start an airline, Neel never gave up instead started chasing his dreams. Since it seems impossible for a twelve-year-old to learn the fundamentals of running an airline. So he thought of getting one step ahead by learning how to fly. As soon as he completed his studies, he decided to jump into the flying career.

After some time, he relocated from India to Australia, where he learned to fly before he could even drive. Once he got his license, he began to instruct as an eighteen-year-old. While he was instructing, he had a brilliant idea for making the fleet better. He shared the same with his boss and listening to this, his boss sacked him off the job. The boss suggested he start his airline if he has better ideas! Here the flame of started an airline ignited again!

With enormous efforts, Neel Khokhani somehow managed to gather the funds needed to start a flying school. In the year 2013, he founded Soar Aviation which is now Australia’s biggest flying school with approx. 67 aircraft, and three campuses. Over 500 students are learning aviation there! He says, building something from nothing is such a huge accomplishment. The growth of Neel’s aviation school has been exponential during the past decade. It has won the hearts of aviators by offering exceptional services!

Neel Khokhani is a self-made entrepreneur who faced numerous challenges at a very walking point. He managed to overcome all the problems he had while achieving his dreams. Now Neel is seen as an entrepreneur who has built a $66 million fortune. Recently, Neel soared into Australia’s Young Rich List! In a nutshell, Neel has implemented the best ideas in the flying school, and it skyrocketed! Now Neel Khokhani is an inspiration for many individuals!