piedmont concrete company

In today’s modern world, people have become habitual to follow the latest trends whether it is related to clothes or home décor style. However, these days, along with interior designing, people also started to upgrade the exterior design and pattern of their homes. For the exterior part of the homes and buildings, there are various services that are provided by Piedmont concrete company.    

There are various ways by which you can change the styling of the outer part of your home. If you are looking to add a walkway, patio, driveway, or any other paved surface, then stamped concrete might be a good option. The current varieties are perfect duplicates of the materials they aspire to replicate. On the other hand, stamped concrete can mimic different materials quite well and it still retains good stability of concrete. 


piedmont concrete company

Stamped concrete is a variety of concrete that has pattern, color, and surface that is added to make it similar to another material, like stone, brick, or tile. Generally, stamped concrete is affordable than the materials it is made to mimic, so it becomes quite fair to use stamped concrete. 

Talking about the process of stamped concrete, it uses textured mats or rubber stamps to imprint a pattern into wet cement. There are also different ways to apply it over existing concrete patterns if your slab is in good shape. These stamps are often designed with the help of molds of the real material to get a suitable texture. They can make concrete resemble slate, brick, wood planks, and many more. You are also able to add large medallions and different custom accents to a concrete slab.    

Moreover, the stamped concrete can be also applied horizontally as well as vertically, which gives you the flexibility to use them in different styles and patterns. For example, you can give an outdoor concrete fireplace surrounded by a natural stone treatment. Or you can make a concrete retaining wall looks similar to a brick. In addition, you can also use stamped concrete inside your home as it can be both attractive and practical. 


When it comes to change the outdoor styling of your home or building, Piedmont concrete company can be a very good option. There are various styles and services that are offered to change the style of your home surrounding by varieties of concrete. One of the most popular options is to stamp a concrete basement floor so that it looks like wood, and will also enhance your floor styling.  

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