Land for Sale

What we are going through in 2020 has been awful, the pandemic which locked the world down and not to mention the fall out which will no doubt last for years to come. Despite the negatives however, there is going to be some great opportunities which present themselves for those of us who are savvy and those of us who have spending power, and this is why you should be sitting on your cash reserves for the time being.


Governments around the world have been supporting their citizens financially and whether we like it or not all of that money which they have borrowed has to be paid back somehow. The way that it is paid back is through higher rates of interests and diving into pension pots and that is going to result in a recession which is going to be tricky. Those with money however, they are the ones who make money in a recession.

Property and Land

As house prices plummet people will downsize and that can mean that there will be more land for sale, more properties for sale and more opportunities within this market. Land could be a great investment here as you are sure to get some at great prices. Many people will invest in land for the long term but when there is a downturn that is threatening them, they will look to cash in on any investments which are not essential and that could prove to be  great opportunity for anyone who is interested in buying up some land.

Stocks and Shares

We have already seen the fall and the rise in share prices of the likes of Amazon and Dominos, but that does not mean that you have missed out, far from it in fact. There are many industries which are struggling and their share prices are on the floor, take the hotel trade as an example, or airlines. These share prices will inevitably rise and if you are able to get in at the right time then you can make a killing on this. Make sure that you are only investing in companies which have the power and the resistance to survive these conditions, there will be some casualties and the last thing that you need is to invest in one which then goes bust.


Sadly there are going to be many businesses which are forced to close as a result of this situation but that could very well mean that well located premises are going to be opening up for that business which you have always dreamed of. Keep your ear to the ground and if anyone has to close their doors, you may be able to swoop in and take the chance that this presents. Another option here is to support businesses who are fundraising to survive, you may be able to grab yourself a stake in a company which will do well in the future.

As you can see there are many ways in which this negative situation can be turned into a positive one.