Leesa Fazal of Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the home to some great Mid-Century buildings made by talented architects. Several architects were certified to operate to the west of the Mississippi at that time. The various Mid-Century buildings, including the Vegas’ Guardian Angel Cathedral and the Neon Museum, bear testimony to the exemplary standard of work and excellent architectural innovations of that era.

Architecture in Las Vegas has continued to retain its glory from then, which has led to a boom in the architectural business in 2020. The marvelous structures and their superb architectural magnificence have inspired many architects to produce remarkable designs and create superior structures in all of Nevada. Modern-day architects have at their disposal an extensive range of services that include Architectural Models, Conceptual Design, Design Bid Build, Green Building Design, Pre-design Services, etc. With these sophisticated services, they endeavor to make Las Vegas the land of excellent architectural specimens. These services are explained below in short:

Architectural Models

Most architects provide an architectural model, which is a type of scale model that simulates the physical representation of a structure. These are built to study the various aspects of an architectural design or communicate the design ideas. Depending on the purpose, these models are made in various scales using a variety of materials, like blocks, paper, and wood.

Conceptual Design

Conceptual design is an important service provided by several architects in the early phase of the design process. In these designs, the broad outlines of function and form of the architecture are articulated. It incorporates the design of interactions, experiences, strategies, and processes. It entails a better understanding of people’s needs and how those needs can be met with processes, products, and services.

Design Bid Build

Design–bid–build is also known as the design–tender and this is a conventional process of project delivery in which the owner or the agency signs different contracts with separate entities for the design and the construction of a project. This is the traditional technique for project delivery and only certain architects in Las Vegas have the expertise to provide such specialized services.

Green Building Design

Green building or sustainable building refers to the application of design processes that are environmentally responsible and remain resource-efficient throughout a building’s life-cycle that starts with planning and covers design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, and demolition. This type of project requires close cooperation between the contractor, the architects, the engineers, and the client at all stages. Only a few architects of Nevada have the competence to execute such projects.

Pre-design Services

Pre-Design Architectural Services are essentially feasibility study or pre-design studies, which is a crucial aspect of designing architectural constructions. The best way to start the process is by analyzing and properly planning before doing architectural designs. Complex projects benefit a lot by the pre-design services as that helps in creating the base of the service. Only adroit architects with exposure to such types of projects can provide these services to their clients.

Leesa Fazal of Las Vegas, the owner of Leesa Fazal Architects, is an experienced and multi-talented architect who has been providing exemplary architectural designs and all the above-mentioned services to her clients for more than 2 years. She has earned her reputation in this industry by delivering excellent work. Her forte is creating superior designs and affordable architectural solutions and she endeavors to provide a plethora of services to her clients. She is efficient in handling commercial, office, institutional, hospitality, medical, mixed-use, interior design, multifamily, and renovation projects.