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Bennett Hodgins Law

In the technological era, road accidents are getting worse. No one can ignore the fact that an accident hurts us physically, but it also causes a loss of money. Despite someone else’s fault, we have to bear all the loss. The reason is that your opposition parties can create objections and the case may fail by your side because the opposition company can claim that your injury and loss are not serious so deny your claim appeal. But if you take instant action right after the accident you have many chances to win the case. In most cases, people do not strictly follow the rules of the road. In this road accident, the car or four-wheeler collided and blamed them and this is unfair.


  • Irreverent over speed
  • Drunken Driving.
  • Distractions to Driver.
  • Ignoring the red light
  • Do not wear seat belts and helmets for safety.
  • Avoiding Safety equipment like helmets and Seat belts.
  • Using the phone while driving
  • Overtaking in a wrong manner.
  • Not following the road safety rules.
  • Bad road condition


Traumatic experience happens after a road crash. Many cases when a drunk driver runs leaving the location, after crashing you! In such cases, HAMMOND LA ATTORNEY can help you by providing brilliant and experienced lawyers from our company who can help you with many wonderful solutions. Strict action will be taken against those people who have legal consequences, a criminal charge of driving without a license or driving a car after drinking alcohol or other drugs. Our team of lawyers is capable of helping those civil consequences including claims for property damage, or personal.


Road accidents became a common thing, sometimes due to bad roads and sometimes due to someone else’s mistake. Even if your driving is the best, this painful tragedy can happen to you at some point or the other. Your safety is in your hand. Apart from road accidents, several places where these mishaps happen mean at the workplace, especially if you work in factories under high risk with heavy machinery. These cases cause serious injuries and in some cases, even possibilities of death. You have a right to claim compensation from the opposition party and insurance faculties.


Our team of lawyers is the best personal injury attorney, and auto accident attorney in Hammond, Louisiana. We will help you to compensate for your loss. We will try to recover your loss if you deserve it. Our lawyers take all cases very seriously and sincerely, and the defense counsel, as well as the insurance community, appreciate our impressive success record and previous history. We all understand the financial risk of the past. So we will take payment from you only when you win your case, And you’ll be satisfied with that won case. If an accident ever happens to you while doing your job, You are supposed to raise your voice for the physical and financial loss that you incur as it’s your right. Our lawyers are on your side with full dedication and our passion will give you justice. The best team of lawyers will help elite legal counsel and exclusively represent our clients against large insurance companies in accident injury cases.