Leesa Fazal

Architecture is an Art. For many centuries the humankind has created wonders, something beyond that an average mind could comprehend. The beautiful building and structures built by our ancestors are still standing, although some of them are not in good condition. This tradition of creating marvels is continuing but with modern techniques.

Many people have contributed their bit, and many new aspiring architects are on their way. Leesa Fazal has continued this tradition of making new marvels and left people speechless. She is one of the best architects in Las Vegas, America, leaving her mark on the skyline of Las Vegas.

What would someone want from their architect? Best possible design at an affordable rate? Yes, She is the one who could do both. With her creative mind and environmentally friendly manner, she can do wonders.

In a short period, she has started her firm named Leesa Fazal Architects. She has a whole team of engineers, town planners, and graphic designers. She has worked in residential sectors and commercial sectors for example planning and designing for the shopping centers, cafes, institutions, hospitals, offices, and renovation projects. Her vision and sustainable development methods have helped in making futuristic designs at effective costs.
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Her versatile personality and portfolio have brought her fame. Her main motive is customer satisfaction. She uses various techniques to work and research, her dedicated analysis, sketching work, and budget estimation are some of the best things about her firm.

After a complete sketch work, the models of the buildings or any structure are created using CAD and AutoCAD software. It provides an intuitive idea about how the final project is going to look like.

The improvement and enhancement that has been made in urban cities have been possible with the tireless efforts made by many architects over time, one of them is Leesa Fazal. Her hard work and exceptional genius have made it possible to change the whole perspective. She doesn’t believe in destroying something to build it from zero, but she believes in re-designing, which makes her unique. This technique helps to reduce waste and also saves money.

Leesa Fazal from Las Vegas is an extraordinary architect, all the buildings that she has worked upon resemble her enthusiasm and futuristic work. Her work has been appreciated by many magazines, and she has also won awards for the same. She has engraved her name in the minds of people who have worked with her, as someone who could be trusted with on-time delivery of work and something more than what the customer has asked for.