aftermarket car rims

A car with a stylish design is best complemented only when fitted with remarkable car wheels, unless you plan to put the car’s engine in your wheels. Therefore, if you want to draw attention, you have to find the best wheels for burning rubber.

A list of the coolest rims for any car, as ranked by gearheads with an eye for style. It’s important to know whether those 20 inch rims are right for your ride because if clothes make the man, then surely aftermarket car rims or wheels make the car.

Out of innumerable choices available in the market, these handpicked top 10 aftermarket car rims or wheels are based upon the selection of car safety. The criterion involves price, durability, brakes, corrosion resistance and endurance during tough driving conditions. Wheels instill confidence in the driver by offering a true wheeling experience.

The car rim brands shown here are researched and collected by taking style, technical angle, and price tag into account. 

●     BBS Forged Monobloc Ferrari F1

Available in 19 inches to 20-inch diameter, the BBS Forged Monobloc wheel heavily evokes Ferrari’s F1 wheel. It’s forged aluminum instead of carbon fiber.

●     Mach M3

Sized to 18 to 20 inches and available in common five-bolt sizes, there is just something indefinable and the Mach M3 that screams cool. It’s a little bit BMW, a little bit Tron, and just detailed enough to be interesting in any finish.

●     Nutek Series 605

The Nutek 605 is a serious lightweight performance wheel for people who are serious about car rims. It’s available in 18 inches and 19-inch diameters, as well as widths up to 14 inches. That makes it fairly appropriate as the rear roller for most mid-engine supercars.

●     EnkeiAletta 

Imagine time warping the Foose pseudo grasser wheel to the year 2030, and you have got Enkei’sAletta. This 17 to the 18-inch wheel would look just right on many modern muscle cars, and it’s sized to fit most popular applications.

●     XD Series Rockstar

Ostensibly, Rockstar’s thing is rock crawling Jeeps, but its wheels have gotten pretty popular among urban crawlers. This nuclear tough design cones in size ranging from 17 to 22 inches and fits most American truck bolt patterns.

●     BBS Super RS

Another classic design brought to the 21 century, and the forged BBS Super RS has been around long enough to qualify as nostalgic for some of us. Nowadays, it’s available in sizes up to 19 inches, fits domestic five-bolt patterns, and comes in many finishes, including polished aluminum, silver, gray, gloss and matte black, and gold.

●     Helo Maxx 

Even big truck drivers like a bit of style, and that’s just what this 8 lug Maxx delivers. Sized in 16 or 17 inches, the Maxx’s silver detailing gives it a bit of jewel-like slickness, but its overall construction says ready to rumble.

●     American Racing AR767 Steel Wheels

No, they are not forged aluminum, and they definitely won’t win you any points at a car show. But the classic American steel wheel is about as cool as it gets for stripped-down muscle cars and trucks. Available in sizes up to 20 inches, and it’s practically a bolt pattern.

●     Ground Force GF9

Available in 19 inches and sized to fit domestic five-bolt applications, the GF9 is subtly cool in a very un-subtle way. The multi-layered detailing almost makes it look like a cast magnesium rim from the 1960s, but the size and design are decidedly modern.

●     The Deluxe Wheel Company Whitewall Wheel

No, it’s not an old-school whitewall tire on a 15-inch steel rim; it’s a fully modern tire wrapped around 20 inches of forged 6061 aluminum. The big white wall is part of the rim. Inner sections are available in polished aluminum or matte black for the classic steely look.

The wheels mentioned above provided by aftermarket car rims will help find a great rim for your car. Please go through it and choose whichever one is suitable for you according to your preferences.