Margie Zaragoza Dimaculangan is the founder and owner of M and J Solutions Inc. with her mastery skills in point brilliance; she has earned an excellent reputation for her back-end skills. Her skills are highly appreciated for expanding their operations in the Philippines by offering them an array of outsourced services. She founded M and J solitons Inc to provide services for Business registration, HR management, Finance & accounting, Visa processing, and business development. Services for Business registration, HR management, Finance & accounting, Visa processing, and business development. They also provide outsourcing solutions for your everyday business operations that work more effectively for running activities.

About M and J solutions providers Inc

M and J solutions providers inc is well known for providing back-end services for business growth. Whether it’s a start-up or a business already in operations, they’re always ready to help business owners strive at any stage. Their primary objective has always been to help companies to grow and start over. 

If you are looking to strive or make your brand establish itself in the market, M and J solutions provider inc will guide and provide you with outsourced solutions essential for your daily operations for your business to room efficiently. It allows you to shift your focus on other aspects of your business, such as customers, staff, and profit maximization.

Margie Zaragoza Dimaculangan firmly believes that businesses will run smoothly with a reliable supply of finances. It’s the backbone of most business operations, and they use it to measure internal and external performance. Accounting and Finance are like the heart of an organization, and they are essential in providing financial management and control as needed to support all business activity.

Why should you choose M and J solution provider inc

  • They can provide you with the team, tools, and top-notch service you need to create more opportunities for your business to grow.
  • They offer back-end services that bring your business forward.
  • They are made up of a team of hard-working individuals who are ready to make things happen.
  • They are efficient, innovative, and results-driven.


If you are looking forward to your business breakthrough points, you can count on  M and J Solutions Provider inc. Margie Zaragoza Dimaculangan, with her team of experts, is always ready to help your business grow at any point of operation. they’ll provide you tools and topnotch service you need to create more opportunities essential for your business growth