Marijuana Dispensaries in Denver
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With the fast-paced revolution in the cannabis industry, we are witnessing new ways of conducting the marijuana trade. One of the key changes happens to be the mode of cannabis distribution, with marijuana dispensaries taking the stage.

In Denver alone, there are hundreds of cannabis dispensaries. With such a long directory, how do you pick the best stop for your cannabis needs? Well, this article highlights some of the best marijuana dispensaries in downtown Denver.

High-Level Health

The brand holds a total of 112 accolades for serving exceptional marijuana-derived products. High-Level Health (HLH) is committed to boosting its clientele’s overall wellness and satisfaction.

Success at the company is attributed to naturally grown marijuana and a keen eye for details. Among HLH’s highly sought products are Platinum Valley and Papa Smurph. Its products are popular among medical and recreational cannabis consumers alike.

At HLH, customers get to enjoy exclusive deals on a daily. You will find everything for every budget, including the best indica flower in Canada. Besides the affordable marijuana products, customers can claim more benefits by joining the Points Programs, where you earn points for every penny you spend at the dispensary. You can buy cannabis seeds from trusted retailers in Denver.

Apothecary Farms

Located in Broadway, Apothecary Farms is a concentrate-steered hub serving up exceptional high-cannabinoid varietals.  The company is known for specializing in terpenes and using top-notch extraction methods.

Marijuana consumers frequent this dispensary for exotic tastes from in-house strains such as Blackberry Banana, Honey, Banana, Black Cherry OG, and Kush.

Apothecary Farms
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Apothecary runs and operates an advanced laboratory with standard operating procedures that ensure consistent and clean production. If you are a dab enthusiast working with a lean budget, you can purchase grams of wax and shatter for $15. Live resins sell for $25. Connoisseurs come with house-produced solvent-free hash resins, going for $50 a gram.

Lucy Sky

This brand continues to make a name for itself by offering an impeccable customer experience. Lucy Sky’s staff works towards creating a lasting bond between marijuana consumers and advisors. Consumer education lies at the center of the company’s mission.

There is everything for everyone at Lucy Sky, from top-shelf flowers to premium quality buds supplied by Cuban Crew, Malek’s Premium Cannabis, Willie’s Reserve, and Clearwater. When it comes to out-sourced product lines, consistency is key, which is why you find 710 Labs, Soiku Bano, Daablogic, and Green Dot Labs as the company’s main partners.

Customers at Lucy Sky enjoy a plethora of daily and weekly deals. On Mondays’, you can claim 10% off on edibles and live resins. On Wednesday, it’s 10% off all concentrates. Early risers get to enjoy a 15% off during the first business hour.

Lucy Sky
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L’Eagle Services

The brand is known for applying environmental-friendly and sustainable practices. When uncertain about the best marijuana product for your needs, L’Eagle’s knowledgeable staff will guide you.

L’Eagle Services applies state-of-the-art technology to grow, extract, and cure its flowers and buds. The company’s marijuana is grown by professional horticulturists with approved commercial marijuana-growing techniques.

With about 30 organic strains on its portfolio, customers are often torn for choices. The products come in different flavors and uplifting effects. L’Eagle Services upholds all industry ethics and only uses the best nutrients available.

To augment your cannabis experience, L’Eagle offers daily affordable deals. You can take advantage of the random half-price specials, $15 grams off the live resin, $10 eighths on snow days, among other offers, by signing up for the text message program.

Rocky Mountain Cannabis Co.

This franchise formerly went by the name Northern Lights. The brand sources from a selection of the top-rated third-party marijuana growers. Consumers at this dispensary enjoy a wide range of healthy options at affordable prices.

Rocky Mountain offers 75 strains of concentrates, from live resins to rosins, wax, and shatter. You can enhance your cannabis edible experience with Dialed-In products – all made with rosins. Customers at this dispensary enjoy incredible deals.

You can save 15% on bud eighths every Tuesday and 15% off on BOGO cartridges on Wednesdays. You are allowed to choose your own deal on Sunday. What’s more, you can sign up for the loyalty point programs for additional benefits.

Denver Kush Club

An 11-years-old brand located next to Cervante’s Masterpiece Ballroom. Denver Kush Club offers a rich collection of classic concentrates. The dispensary stocks over 25 strains of traditional flowers from signature kush buds.

Customers have access to an array of cannabis edibles and topicals. To round up the inventory, Denver Kush Club also runs a full clothing line.

Verde Natural

Verde Natural’s cannabis product portfolio boasts of hand-grown flowers cultivated in living soil. The plants are fed an organic diet, resulting in high potency and great taste. Besides the mindful growing methods, Verde employs verified harvesting techniques.

The flower extracts are used on solvent-free DabLogic products such as Live SHO Cake Batter to manufacture award-winning concentrates. With customer-friendly deals, you can get premium cannabis products at affordable prices.

Verde Natural
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Final Thought

When looking for either medical or recreational cannabis products in Denver, the dispensaries listed above are a great starting point. These brands made it to the top of the list due to varying customer experience, product quality, promotional offers, and more. Visit any of these marijuana dispensaries to kickstart or augment your cannabis use experience.