Backless footwear has gradually gained popularity as the most comfortable pair you’d think of having. This “slipper design” shoe has slowly become everyday wear. If you walk around, you can come across a few on any given day. While thinking of slip-on designs, sustainable footwear is anything but an innovation. However, images of sky-high stilettos and head-turning over-the-knee boots might hit your mind whenever you think of shoes. To make your toes super happy, it’s wise to consider elegant, polished, and the most comfortable style footwear. However, there are some factors you need to consider since all footwear comes in an assortment of designs and colors.

Factors To Take Into Consideration To Ensure You Select The Proper Footwear That Assures Comfortability

While it always feels nice to have a perfect pair of shoes. If they’re the right style, fit and look, you’ll love wearing them. While looking for amazing and good-looking shoes, you can maintain their comfort. Here are some essential factors to remember that will help you make a great choice. 

  • The type— first, while buying footwear, decide on whether you will wear them outdoors or indoors. If you are looking exclusively indoors, go for pairs with softer soles unless you have hardwood floors, whereas outdoors, you’d want the ones with hard soles to provide adequate protection to the feet.
  • The style — You should also consider the design before purchasing. You’ll find differences in style as some have a more pointed toe in design while others have rounded toes. 
  • The color—white people’s color preferences and styles vary; some designs have a single matte color selection, while others have patterned designs and intricate embroideries.
  • The fit— how your footwear fit will determine how comfortable they will be wearing them around. If possible, try on the pair you intend to buy. If you buy online, assume the exact measurements as your regular shoes or sandals— it should fit onto your feet snugly without leaving too much wiggle room. For your first-time wear, it might feel stiff but will slowly stretch out a little and consequently mold to your feet’s shape. Over time, they fit like they were custom-made for your feet.

Favorite Ways To Style The Slipper Trend 

  • Dress down a polished midi skirt by adding a chunky knit sweater and cozy backless flats.
  • A white slip-on flat is a great way to make an all-denim look more tailored.
  • For a casual office, slim style trousers, a button-down, and a layered sleeveless sweater with a pair of classic black mules.
  • With your favorite denim-and-blazer look, opt for a two-tone slipper. It will pop in the chicest way ever.
  • Take the slipper trend one step further and opt for a style in leopard or a bright color. It’s a great addition to an otherwise classic off-duty look.

Caring For Sustainable Footwear

Since the leather used to make such footwear is soft and delicate, you must keep it when caring for them. Here are expert tips to guide you.

  • Polish— polishing helps maintain the shine of the footwear, which in turn protects it from various elements. Polish with a moisturizing element is an excellent choice that prevents the leather from aging prematurely. Ensure you frequently polish but don’t overdo it 
  • Cream — leather cream is essential in moisturizing footwear and keeping it from drying out and cracking. Although leather cream may not have waterproofing properties, there are specialized ones that have a water-repelling component. They are lotion, allowing you to rub them into the leather without being too firm. The cream will get soaked up to keep the leather strong and durable. The condition of the leather determines the frequency of using the cream. 
  • Avoid direct heat or sunlight— if your footwear gets soaking wet, you’d be tempted to use a hair dryer or heater to dry it up quickly. It will instead cause it to shrink and dry out quickly. It’s even better to let it dry naturally, however long it would take. 
  • Damp cloth – like you’d clean your house, do so for your footwear once or twice a week to eliminate dust and dirt. Avoid using soap, as it tends to ruin the quality of the leather over time.


While health plays an essential role to humans, most people spend a lot of money on physical and mental well-being, from gym workouts to extraordinary miracle cures and vitamins that appear all over the advertisement media. They underestimate the need to care for feet for some reasons and how it may affect human health. Thankfully, Sustainable footwear is an evolution of traditional slip-on footwear- into a modern sneaker with a bouncy rubber outsole. With them as your choice, you get assurance of comfort and overall wearability of sneakers while maintaining an elegant profile.