Musical Journey - Josh Homme

A California-based musician, singer, record producer, and songwriter, Josh Homme has been an important part of the music industry. He is the living legend who is popular for his stoner metal rock music. Kyuss and the Queens of the Stone Age are taken synonymously with Josh Homme.

Born in Palm Desert, Kyuss is the first band of Homme, which was created in the late 1980s. The audience, especially the teens and the youth, were crazy about their generator parties which used to take place in the deserts. The band made its debut with Wretch in 1991. However, it failed to draw much attention from the audience. In 1992, the band released Blues for the Red Sun, which was critically appreciated. But, still, Josh Homme and other band members failed to sell it and didn’t see any commercial success. The band then called quits in 1995. But before disbanding, they partnered with Elektra and made a great impact with their collaboration released. 

The love and passion for music Josh has could not keep him away from the world of music. He made a comeback after Kyuss and joined the band as second lead guitarist for their 1996 Dust tour. It is head to cameo recording of various artists and the beginning of Desert Session that featured Kyuss, Soundgarden, and Monster Magnet. The tour rekindled Homme’s desire to form a band again.

While the thought of forming a band was fresh, he met the former drummer Alfredo Hernandez from his first band, Kyuss. They then formed the band the Queens of the Stone Age. the QOTSA altered the monolithic rock of Kyuss, their former band, and focused on varied innovative styles of songwriting and styles. Slowly more people began to join the band, increasing the number of members of the band. In 1998, Stone Gossard’s label Loose Groove finally signed the Queens of the Stone Age and released their debut album.

The QOTSA made a sophomore effort in 2000 by releasing R, which received critical praise as the band undertook the tour with celebrated and celebrities such as The Smashing Pumpkins, the Foo Fighters, and Hole. Audiences insanely loved their music, and their stardom was increasing at a great pace. Not only admiration by fans, but they also received critical acclaim with Song for the Deaf of 2002. It featured “No One Knows,” which became the blockbuster hit of the time. The fame of the Queens of the Stone Age was unstoppable, and the success was pouring in continuously with Lullabies to Paralyze. 

Josh was busy with other ventures in between the releases of the QOTSA. Along with his friend, Jesse Hughes, he formed Eagles of Death Metal. Apart from this, Josh Homme hitched Brody Dalle of the Distillers fame in 2005. He also featured in one of the songs with his wife along with other celebrities, including Alex Turner from Arctic Monkeys, Mark Lanegan, Dave Grohl, and Nick Oliveri. 

His musical journey from the desert to the Stone Age has been commendable. And he is still known for the famous numbers that Josh Homme created during his initial years.