Cricket is one of the most eminent games in the world. You can see that the extent of love for this game is incomparable. A huge fan following exists for the game and the players. Not only this, but from the streets to the cricket grounds, you can see great enthusiasm for the game. You can’t find a single person who has not played cricket in his childhood.

Similarly, Navi Sidhu from Sacramento, California, grew up watching cricket. His love for the Indian cricket team triggered a spark for the game. He finally decided to pursue his career as a cricketer. About his education, he completed his education at the University of Santa Cruz in marketing and business. Being possessing a degree in marketing and business, Navi Sidhu gave preference to his passion and made his career in cricket.

Being an all-rounder cricketer, his efforts got appreciated by the selectors of the association during his training. He impressed the senior members and the selectors of the Lathrop Cricket Association with his game skills. However, the way to Navi Sidhu was not an easy one. It was full of struggles but making his passion his profession, the continuous efforts made by him made him famous in cricket.

Being a cricket player, Navi Sidhu realized his goals, and it made him a great cricketer. He had burning desires to achieve his goals. Thus, his hard work and positive attitude towards the game made him rule his profession. Navi Sidhu’s calmness and patience in the game made him concentrate on his game. However, in extremes, he maintained his pressure zones and handled the situations calmly.

Navi Sidhu motivated the aspiring cricketers to work hard on their skills and focus on their strengths. Make your weakness your strength and create new opportunities from it. If you want to succeed as a cricket player and want to play for your country, you may find thousands of enthusiastic players working hard to achieve their goals. However, the difference that lies in them and those who play for their country is the attitude & perspective towards the game. As you know, pursuing your career in the profession you have passion for makes you achieve success. Similarly, having an interest in cricket made Navi Sidhu from Sacramento, California, join the cricket field. Having expertise in marketing and business, currently, Navi Sidhu is working as Executive Finance Director. It is his working strategies that have made him chose his desired profession.