Neel Khokhani

Everyone in this world is a passion for one or the other thing. Now if you talk about a particular career option then aviation can be one of the most profitable options for you. When you think about something you just feel like achieving it overnight. It is of course not possible but if you give your best for that then your dream will definitely come true and there is no doubt about this. Things are becoming so tough and competitive these days. Still, you can be the one you are thinking about.

You must have heard about Neel Khokhani, owner of Soar aviation. He is the man whose name is on the list of all the youngest and richest millionaires of Australia. He was just at the age of 16 when came to Australia with his family as he wanted to make his career in Aviation. There is a point which was a little surprising that he wanted to start flying at that age when he can’t even drive. He wanted to complete his studies as soon as possible so he just completed that and started to work on his dreams. Within two years he got his pilot license.

After that, he decided to open his own flying school. He established a flying school and the name of that school was Soar Aviation. There were about 500 students who took admission in that school and 67 aircraft were provided for the students. Now Neel must be around 30 and his flying school named soar aviation is the biggest flying school in Australia. The founder of Soar Aviation is basically from India but she shifted to Australia along with his parents to follow his dreams and had also planned to settle down in Australia.

Before settling down in Australia his main objective was to become a pilot and he successfully did that. His willpower was so strong that he did everything in a well-balanced position. The very step that he took was learning how to fly then afterward he skipped some of the years to complete his studies as soon as possible. The flying school, Soar aviation was found by him at the age of 22. Now Neel Khokhani and his wife belong from the list of richest and youngest millionaires of Australia. Soar aviation has grown so well in few years and its growth was almost around 600 percent.