What will the child become, and what values and skills will the baby possess are common questions that strike our minds when a newborn comes into this world. The similarity in these questions is that both depict the excitement toward a child’s bright future and quality education. A child’s brain is so active and can smoothly learn anything. Around seven hundred neural connections forms in a young mind every second at the early stage of their life. Learnings at this stage last for the whole life. You can fit a child in any shape at this phase. It is an opportunity as well as the duty of parents to mold the infant into something beautiful.

The Office of Early Childhood Initiative (OECI) is located in the City of Milwaukee. We at OECI are working to develop better and more efficient early childhood initiatives for Milwaukee children. We work with a motive to ensure that every newborn gets the proper resources needed for their bright future. OECI offers a variety of events and resources for parents, teachers, learning, and other skill-developing events and games. OECI works with local organizations to ensure that every child has access and exposure to a suitable learning environment to promote social-emotional development, cognitive growth, and lifelong success.

Now let’s have a look at our Early Childhood Initiative programs to educate the families:


It is an Early Childhood Initiative to meet parents and show them methods to turn small moments into opportunities to teach their children something new. In this fast-paced world, it is hard for some parents to spend quality time with their kids. Under Mighty Small Moments, we educate families about brain development and see opportunities even in small moments. Moments like eating food, going to the bus stop, and making the bed are some Mighty small moments. Communicating with kids in these short bursts can make a huge difference in their growth.


OECI partnered with national nonprofit organization LENA to support early talking. Back-and-forth talking with an infant can improve brain growth. Early language experience has proven a valid method to predict success in the future. It is not a tuition program. You can start with your voice, emotions, and child’s coos. We provide free classes to parents who want to interact with their children at the starting stage of life.

According to LENA, there are three strategies by which you can boost your child’s brain with this early childhood initiative. These strategies are- Following the child’s lead, practicing repetition, and reading aloud.


The parents must have proper knowledge about the development of a kid’s brain in their starting years. Living in a world of competition, parents sometimes lack the knowledge of child care. Our ‘Welcome To MKE’ program distributes care packages to arm every parent with information on brain development and child care.


It is an initiative to encourage parents to send their children to early schools to develop their brains from the beginning of their lives. This program is an MPS Community School collaboration between early-childhood education settings and Community Schools  to improve outcomes for newborn growth.

Our vision is noble, and the Office of Early Childhood Initiatives has been working since 2018 to build healthy and creative mindsets for the future. Every parent in Milwaukee connects with us in our events to gain knowledge and boosts their child’s performance. We have a family advisory board to help you enhance your parenting experience.