As you drive your car, you might often happen to see the peeling, scratches, cracks, and the faded clear coat on the exterior surface of the car. Nothing is as annoying as the first scratch on a new car exterior surface. To avoid such annoying moments, ensure to ask professionals to apply paint protection film to your car before you leave the showroom.

What is Paint Protection Film

It’s an added layer to a car exterior surface for paint protection. It’s known to protect your car for an extended period from UV light, dirt, dust, birds droppings, among others. So anytime in the future, if you need to remove the paint protection film, you’ll have your car as smooth and perfect just like you drove it from the showroom.

How Does Paint Protection Film Protect Your Car

Relying on paint protection film, you have all the benefits to your car as it adds an extra layer of protection to the outside damage. So let’s explore how paint protection film help in protecting your car.

clear bra paint protection film installation
  • Protects Your Car Rock Chips, Scratches, and Debris

Did you know, driving on a freeway exposes your car to road debris and other things that seem to be pulled magnetically to the front of your car, causing unavoidable rock chips and scratches? The case is different if you opt to install paint protection film in your car to keep your car exterior look good.

  • Provides Added Protection

It’s a protective film to give your car a shiny look and create a protective interior. Therefore, applying paint sealant and proper car shampoo and wax offers sacrificial protection from UV light, dust, corrosion, and moisture.

  • Custom Installation Offers Better Protection

Clear bra paint protection film installation can now be customized and cut before installation. Customized paint protection offers the best fit since professionals specifically design them. It provides the best coverage overall car Surface and wrapped edges. It’s ideal if you find a highly skilled technician for custom cut installation, therefore, better protection.

  • Paint Correction

It’s normal for a car to get scratches, but this can detract the overall value of your car. 

You can opt for paint correction to remove any cosmetics imperfections on your car painting by removing swirls or unnecessary paint scratches. 

  • Paint Protection Film is Unnoticed

It’s hard to know if there is a paint protection film to your car; clear bra paint protection film installation leaves your car’s surface to shine while shielding it from exterior damages. Its installation process combines soapy water, heat, and alcohol applied by highly trained technicians; therefore, the film becomes hard to notice.

  • Paint Protection Film is Tough

Its formally used to protect military vehicles in areas prone to rock chips. For this reason, the paint protection film is known to be tough. It thus provides sacrificial protection to your car from damage and other debris.


Nowadays, most people are revolutionizing car paint and waxing. The other solution for you would be opting for clear bra paint protection film installation for your car. Keep your car protected.