Whether you’re searching for your first job at Edmonton? Or want to expand your truck driving career, you can obtain the skills you need to get the job you desire. Continue reading to learn more!

Cameron Class 3 Training for Drivers in Edmonton comprises a complete training program that combines classroom and on-the-job training. Students attend a three-week truck driving school simulation. They will have the option to work alongside a certified driver and earn up to $75,000 per year at the completion of the program.

There are several advantages to receiving driving instruction. Keep reading to get a know-how of the perks and privileges of being trained as a Class 3 driver. 

  • Taking lessons can assist you in passing the driving exam. These lessons will teach you defensive driving tactics and safe driving behaviors. They will also help you develop your driving confidence, which is required for obtaining a license. You may also lower your insurance prices by taking courses. Your plan and provider will determine the amount of savings available to you.
  • Help fleets meet federal requirements and stay on schedule. Advanced training courses assist fleets in remaining compliant with federal standards and adhering to a tight maintenance schedule. Drivers will anticipate other drivers’ behaviors and utilize their expertise to make safe, responsible judgments since they are more informed. This will save the firm money in the long term since it will result in better fuel efficiency and minor wear and strain on corporate cars. Furthermore, expert drivers will drive in any weather situation, including rain and snow.
  • The advanced training program consists of three weeks of instruction. In addition to earning $616 every week, this training program assists drivers in staying current with a regular maintenance routine. Furthermore, drivers are better able to predict the behavior of other vehicles and avoid collisions. They may also improve fuel economy and the safety of other drivers on the road. It also helps to enhance a driver’s attitude toward other drivers.
  • Drivers may stay in compliance with the law. They may also assist them in adhering to a regular maintenance routine. Professional drivers are more likely to predict other drivers’ movements. Furthermore, their driving behaviors are less likely to result in vehicle damage for the organization. They may also improve fuel economy by keeping correct tire pressure and other safety measures in place. This training is advantageous in many facets of a driver’s life.


Cameron’s Class 3 Training in Edmonton enables drivers to earn the total rate of the Cameron fleet. This allows them to spend their training time with their families while still preparing for life on the road. 

The employer will pay for lodging, most meals, and transportation from their house to the school during the program. The rigorous training is not for everyone, and many pupils may struggle to stay up!