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Aspirants enrolling in a SEAL program often finish Year 7-10 of high school in three years.

For students who are outstanding in their studies, the Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program (SEALP) is an initiative run by the Victorian Education Department to ensure that talented, gifted, and motivated students get the best possible chance to achieve excellence in their education. The program runs from Year 7 through 10 and allows advanced students to work at a faster and higher level. If you believe your child is intelligent and driven, and  the schoolwork is not pushing him or her sufficiently, prepare them for SEAL Entrance Exams for a better and more advanced study environment.

Aspirants enrolling in a SEAL program often finish Year 7-10 of high school in three years. By altering one academic year, It gives your child additional options in how they want to complete their preparation in their last VCE years. Some students complete their VCE in the next two years, while others utilize an extra year to study and cover a broader selection of VCE and university extension subjects. Finally, this extra year can provide your child with a much higher chance of achieving the desired high ATAR score.

How To Get Your Child Into The SEAL Program?

SEAL is an initiative for gifted children who perform outstandingly in their academics. People frequently mix up selective schools and SEAL programs. But these are different things. On the one hand, selective schools only admit your children if they have passed the entrance exams. But SEAL students are students of schools where other local students also learn with them. However, if your child is part of the SEAL program, he or she will attend special classes with other SEAL students in these public schools so that their learning gets fast-tracked or accelerated. 

To get admitted to the SEAL program, your child will require to clear the Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program VIC entrance exam. This entrance exam is not easy, and the competition among children makes it even harder. This test is offered to Year 7 students, and the best and most practical way to pass is through effective preparation. 

Test Champs SEAL Practice Tests:

“Constant Practice leads to perfection!” This quote is not just for workers or employees. It indicates the importance of practice with hard work. Hard work is good, but your child cannot crack the SEAL  exam by learning random stuff. As a parent, it is your duty to make their preparation effective by providing them with accurate study material. Practice tests are the best option to prepare your children for the SEAL exam in an effective manner. But not all the practice tests have relevant and accurate material.

Test Champs provides the most accurate Practice Test Papers to prepare your children for SEAL entrance and other selective tests. These practice test papers are curated and written by experienced teachers working in this field for many years and you’ll get your child’s report almost immediately except for the writing tests, which may take a few business days as they are marked by our experienced teachers. This helps your child to understand the essential format and time limitations while appearing for the actual SEAL exam. 

As a result, your child will find it easy to complete the question paper before the deadline. The SEAL exam is time-bound, and proper preparation is required to answer all questions correctly in the allotted time. 

Our practice tests are a good resource for parents and teachers to help them prepare students for the SEAL exam. These tests cover:  

  • Writing: Persuasive or Narrative 
  • Reading: multiple-choice test 
  • Quantitative Reasoning: multiple-choice test 
  • Verbal Reasoning: multiple-choice test 

Additionally, our Seal practice test papers assist your child in developing confidence. After being concerned with the exam pattern via our practice test papers, the chances of your children making mistakes decreases, and they will feel confident in the actual exam. If you believe your child is a good fit for the SEAL (Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program VIC)  program, get our practice test bundles or individual tests and get them started.