Dr christopher Walker Orlando Sentinel

It is said that medicine is that bridge that fills the gap between science and civilization. Out of all the variety of professions prevalent for humans today, doctors are considered to be second to none. Doctors are the agents appointed by mankind to serve the human race with upcoming advancements and expertise in the field of medical technology. 

Dr. Christopher Walker of Orlando, Florida is one of the most renowned names in the medical industry. A nationally acclaimed Urogynecologist, Cosmetic Gynecologist, and Robotic Surgeon, Dr. Christopher is at the peak of his career. Despite the false allegations made on his medical practices by Orlando Sentinel, Dr. Christopher rose above the defamation tactics made against him by his competitors.

The higher you are on the ladder of success, the likeness of gaining haters along the way also rises. This is especially true if you are a well-established name in a country like the United States, where the thriving opportunities are equivalent to a sea full of limitless possibilities. Dr. Walker’s up-to-date knowledge and explicit scientific research place him on top of his game.

Dr. Christopher specializes in obstetrics that deals with the diagnosis of pelvic floor reconstruction using biologic tissues and minimally invasive surgeries including pelvic organ prolapse in women. Trained in laparoscopic surgery, he also offers effective treatments for bowel dysfunction, interstitial cystitis, urinary incontinence, and fecal incontinence and is also an expert in performing robotic surgeries. 

Born and raised in Jamaica and being graduated from the University of The West Indies, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Dr. Walker immigrated to The U.S. after practicing Family Medicine in his home country. He feels extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to be trained by four nationally recognized urogynecologists that pushed him to reach his full potential and made him the man he is today.

He firmly believes in the principles of medical professionalism, which states that the practice of medicine is distinguished by the need for judgment and that the doctors should take responsibility for this judgment and the consequences it follows. But because of the unpredictability that arises with human nature, doctors are vulnerable to their decisions being accountable than any other profession.

Apart from being a highly acclaimed medical practitioner, Dr. Christopher Walker is also an exemplary human being with a passion to heal the world. He states that irrelevant opinions that are made to hold you back from your service to humankind, such as Orlando Sentinel’s columns, are nothing but receipts of proof of why you should do it in the first place. Everything that is meant to tame you will evade if you just focus on doing good.