free mobile app for cancer patient

As the world faces a new digital era with technological transformation, a free mobile app for cancer patients on smartphones addresses their issues. It’s good news for families and individuals fighting cancer as the option are now plenty. If you live with cancer, you do not need to worry as there is an app for that. Now, let’s check on a variety of app concerning cancer for your smartphone that was explicitly designed to address cancer issues in society.

  • Cancer. Net App

It’s a free cancer app on playstore and apple store. app includes features that allow cancer patients to get updated information on over 120 types of cancer. It enables cancer patients to log on and track their treatment while receiving advice on managing the side effects. Also, a cancer patient with this app can get cost of care information and links for cancer-related blogs, podcasts, and videos. It is still available for Spanish individuals to log medication and track symptoms while facilitating communication between doctor and patient. 

  • Create To Heal

Create to Heal is a  free mobile app for cancer patients with a free iphone. It is an application specifically created to gently take you from your head to the heart, where the healing begins. Even though the app cannot help provide treatment to cancer patients, it focuses on creativity and stress relief as a complement to cancer treatment. The app has been tested for over five years using hundreds of cancer patients. It works for cancer patients by providing soothing music, guided meditation, and art to reduce stress, which helps heal.

  • Carezone

It’s a free mobile app for cancer patients for android and iphone. It’s an organizational app that helps cancer patient remember their treatment, summarize drug administration protocol, plan care notes, and doctors visit reminders. It simplified treatment by taking and retaining pictures of prescriptions, medication, and supplements. It also provides a journaling area to track appointments and keep notes to discuss with the doctor.

  • Chemo Brain

It’s a free mobile app for a cancer patient for apple devices. It’s known for producing inpatient temporary but significant memory lapse. The app is designed to make things easier for patients. they can make a note at the moment to avoid hassles. Patients do this by jotting down reminders for medication, questions for doctor, appointment, and their thoughts on side effects. They can also record what the doctor says during appointment sessions and send emails to family and friends to keep them updated. 


Regardless of your diagnosis and level of understanding, no need to worry. A free app for cancer patients is of great use for you on your treatment journey. Note that free mobile app for cancer patient are not meant to replace the doctor or specialist. These apps are designed to bring relief and organization. Also, it helps you connect to necessary resources and people willing to provide support to cancer patients. All you need to do is get this free mobile app and then consult your doctor for the app guidance to benefit you.