Face mask

Covid 19 Corona virus has raised a demand of sanitizer and of the mask.  Sanitizers are into the market prior to this deadly virus and same they are already part of our daily life routine. Therefore, we can opt for the Sanitizer according to our need. And also it can be decide by the name of a company or by the ingredients into it.  This is not for the Face mask. We aren’t habitual of Face mask as we are of sanitizers. When the WHO or state announced the necessity and the compulsion of the face mask, we woke up.
But still we are not able to take the decision about the Face Mask. There are so many varieties and the types of the face mask. Whenever we went to nearby grocery store, there were bundle of face masks over there. A product which was meant to made for the medical professional or whenever we travel to highly populated area. Even medical stores are also into the possession of the face masks. No doubt state had issued the guidelines about the face Masks. But those were not made according to our use. Then we search on the internet about the face masks and also about the store. But here are top five websites which are selling the face masks, just according to your need.
Out of these five online portals, every website is selling the types we are now going to mention.  So, one website is with one product.

– The shelves or the page of it are filled with the different options. No doubt surgical face masks are into the great need after the outbreak of the Covid-19 Corona Virus as a pandemic. This blue greenish mask, you can purchase into plies. Why in ply? The reason behind it is the usage or the limitation it wears. The surgical mask can be wear upto 8 hours and if you had sneezed or coughed into it, then you have to dispose it. Because the surgical face masks are disposable and not reusable. Though, they are not as costly as other masks. Even you can purchase 50 Surgical Face masks in few bucks. But they are made for……

Reusable & Washable Face Mask

Etsy – If you had ordered earlier from etsy, you know the etsy very well. Etsy is about colors and its soft & tenderness. That means its best for the kids and the queens. If you are an adult, you can wear Face mask of any color or the print upon it. But you can not resist the kid. Kids knew that they have to wear the face mask, but still they are kids. And they are agile. A color can resist them. You can order different color face masks. Fabric face masks are reusable and washable. Though you have to follow the directions WHO and can maintain the timing and temperature while boiling them. Face masks are need of an hour. You will find out the fabric face masks are into different shapes and sizes. The 3-ply mask is over there and also the mask with layers. Hey Man! There is something for you also. It’s same like the color of underwear blue, grey and black. And you already knew that black is the new orange.

Amazon – one of the oldest among the list is offering the N-95 face mask respirators in different types. They have five layered face mask with the respirators as per the guidelines of the state or the controlling agency. These came in the shape of cones with an iron strip tucked inside of it. It saves the person or the nasal bone of any individual from the pressure exerted by the face mask. N-95 are in the disposable and reusable. Both are on the site. The conditions have been already written for the washing & way of washing on the website. Even the directions have been mentioned on the pack or the cover in which the mask would be wrapped. No doubt N-95 are for the Medical professionals and they come under the PPE kit i.e. Personal Protective Equipment. But the need of this mask also depends upon the area or the zone of contamination. It also depends upon the working conditions.

eBay – is always in vogue. This line is not exaggerated because color therapy works on the individual. No doubt this Covid- 19 has hit the physique/body of any individual, but this Corona virus has also hit the psychology of a person. And to psyche is different of every person and to tackle with it, you find a kid inside you. Ebay has homemade type/fabric based face mask in different designs. So you need not sit with sewing machine. If you were a Snoopy fan or of the patriots, there is a face mask for you in the list. You need a mark of BMW or you guys are Couple, it has a face mask for everyone.

Sears – It is last in the list but not the least. There are different kinds of face masks like face masks with clip or the holder on the elastic. Why? Because if you are wearing it for the very long time then the elasticity of the same can be lost or loosen up. To cover your lose, they are clips into it. There are silicon filter based face masks and also with the carbon filter Face mask. 

Above mentioned websites are trustworthy and they have created the trust by you and for you.
We have to find out the parallel resources or the reasons to fight the corona virus.  A Face mask with little design or color can be a way to throw out the fear from our minds. No doubt we have to be cautious but not fearful.  Just check out your priority First or your area and most important your body because all of us have different bodies and also the different immunity systems. Only then purchase the face masks. Hope it may be useful for you. Stay Safe.