Lives have become digital…!!! These days everyone has this sentence on their lip note. What is a digital transformation, and how it changes our daily life personally as well as professionally? Here we are discussing the role of Digital transformation in AI (Artificial Intelligence) and what are digital transformation services we can adapt to meet the current scenario.

Do you Know Digital Transformation?

In simple words, it is a process in which one is using digital technologies in daily life or in a business process to create new or transform existing processes to meet its requirement or customer experiences and market needs. For example, from papers to spreadsheets, account books to accounts apps, cash to online transfer is done because of digital transformation.

Do you know AI – Artificial Intelligence?

In very simple words, Artificial Intelligence is the group of various technologies which allows a machine to understand the instructions, process, and act on given instructions. Artificial Intelligence is present all around us matters is sometimes we are aware of it and sometimes not. Let’s understand with a simple example. When a portal like Flipkart suggests you buy a product, it uses AI, which works and follows the pattern of your last purchase via online shopping. 

Need of Digital Transformation

Now, you might understand the role of digital transformation in our daily lives-personally and professionally. These days, digital transformation and Artificial Intelligence are becoming the primary part of any organization, whether public, private, small, or big.

It is not right to apply all digital services to the business because digital transformation would be required in different ways for each company. Digital Transformation deals with the integration of technology into all departments of business for essential changes. So it is changing your way of executing your business. Now you need to reconsider all activities you do, from staff to customer, and then apply accordingly.

Why AI and DT is Important for Business?

  • Empower your employees
  • Optimization your operations
  • Transform your end product
  • Improved Client and team member experiences
  • Better data-based insights
  • Greater collaboration across departments
  • Increased agility and innovation
  • Engage your customers
  • Everyone expects on-demand

A variety of Digital Transformation Services is available for different purposes in business. These are essentials for the business revolution to make it easy to approach and conduct, competitive in the market, more efficient and deliver the best experience on consumer’s demand. According to the survey by Tata Consultancy Services, approx. 44% of 835 companies are already using DT Services and Artificial Intelligence to detect and prevent interferences, while 41% are using it to solve technical problems of their users. On the other hand, 34% of companies use AI to automate their production and reduce the workload.

Final Words

After going through all such things, one thing is clear that this is the era of Digital Transformation. Therefore, it is essential to use Digital Transformation Services in our business in terms of making a profitable business and future growth.